Our first taste of intolerance...

26 September, 2013

As much as I want this to be a happy update on Aidan, first, I feel that I HAVE to address what we went through today.  Let me start by saying, I HATE the term 'special needs'  I don't think that its a proper label for Aidan, but that's really neither here nor there.  Aidan is a very, very bright, loving, determined, amazing child.  Yes, he has SPD, so technically, he's special needs.  Aside from the SPD and expressive speech delay, he's like every other 2 year old.  He's incredibly smart, and ahead for his age in may ways.  But, the SPD does have a fairly large impact on his day to day life. 

I digress, on to today.  We have been doing mommy and me gymnastics at our local YMCA for a couple weeks now.  He does pretty well, aside from getting overstimulated and running around in between activities.  There is also 'open gym' on the other half of the gym.  Aidan is a classic sensory seeker in every singe way.  If you look at a list of 'red flags' Aidan does every single seeking behavior on the list.  The only things that he avoids are water (especially on his head) and noise he can't see the source of.  So, the open gym basketball has been a hurdle.  It's not like I can put his ear protection headphones on, and expect him to do gymnastics.  We've been lucky the first 2 weeks, there weren't too many people playing.  Today there were around 10 guys playing and they were really into it and loud.  I did everything in my power to help him calm down.  I did his brushing, and put his vest on, and we got on with it.  It takes the vest a few minutes to really get him calm, and that's fine.  He didn't want to stretch, but who can really expect a 2 year old to sit and stretch like a big kid?  He needed comforting and time, so I hugged him, and talked to him, and waited for them to start the actual class.  I tried to get him to do the activity that they were doing, jumping off the spring board onto a big fluffy mat.  Now, Aidan still hasn't mastered jumping.  He can bounce like Tigger until the cows come home, he just hasn't gotten the coordination of actually jumping.  Not a big deal.  He won't be 2 for another 2 weeks.  He went and bounced, and the coaches help him get up to the big mat.  We were waiting for his turn again, and he was running and crawling around, trying to get himself calmed down and centered.  That's what he does, and I'm not going to stop him from trying to make himself calm.  I didn't see the harm in it, he wasn't bothering anyone, he wasn't running around where the other kids were doing things, he was just running and crawling and rolling on the floor, looking for as much sensory input he could find.  After a minute one of the little girls came over and was running and crawling with him.  Her mom came and picked her up and scolded her and told her not to 'act like that wild little boy'  I was floored.  I didn't say anything, because, well, if I had, it wouldn't have been very nice.  I picked my beautiful, loving, amazing son up and hugged him tight and asked him if he wanted to go bye-bye.  He looked at me and nodded his head and said yes.  That was all I needed,  We gathered our stuff, I put his shoes back on, and we left.  On the way out, I made the decision to pull him out of the class.  It may seem like a knee jerk reaction, but it really wasn't.  I am my sons advocate.  I have to be his voice when he can't be.  I made the decision based on the open gym, and the noise level, that clearly overstimulates him.  I'm not going to lie, some of it was to shield him from prejudice, and intolerance, and ignorance.  I know that not everyone will agree with my decision to pull him, but it's my decision.  We have so much coming up in the next few weeks as it is. 

Anyway.  I had to get that out.  On to happier things.  I'll have a much better update on Aidan and his therapies and such in a couple days.  For now, think twice before you judge a child that you think is out of control.  Think twice before you criticize a parent, thinking that they need to control their child.  You have no idea the battles that go on in others lives.  Think twice before you judge. 


11 September, 2013

First and foremost, today is 9/11. It's been 12 years since our country was forever changed.

12 years ago today, I left my Stocks & Sauces class at Johnson & Wales University after our morning quiz with a migraine. I went back to my dorm (Hospitality Center) to take meds, and a nap. Out of habit, I turned on my tv before laying down. I just stared. The first tower was already in flames. The news had no idea what had happened yet. I called my mom in upstate NY, and had her turn on her tv. This was before the days of unlimited cell phone minutes, but neither of us cared. We sat, 200 miles away from each other hardly talking, just watching. Then the other plane hit. We were both in tears. After a while, we hung up, with the promise to call each other every hour, if not more. I still didn't fully grasp what was happening. My migraine was forgotten. People had their doors open, people were in the halls, and in the lobby, and gathered outside. We were united. Strangers, and close friends alike. We cried, we sat in silence, we didn't know what to do. There was talk of other planes, and other targets. We were petrified. Our dorm was in the water, in the flight path of TF Green airport, and the city of Providence.

What was meant as a way to pull our country apart, pulled us together. I will never forget that day. Or the years since. I will teach our children of this day. We will take our children to the memorials in NYC and DC and PA. I hate this day for a million reasons, but, it is also a day to be proud of our country. Proud of the first responders that laid down their lives. The 343 FDNY brothers and sisters, the 37 PAPD brothers and sisters, and the 23 NYPD brothers and sisters. And the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives that day. Proud of our troops that continue to lay down their lives every day. Never forget.

This year, my thoughts are especially with my husband and his brothers and sisters (both military and fire) that he is serving with overseas right now. Stay safe and come home soon.

United We Stand.

One Day At a Time

09 September, 2013

That's all I can manage this week.  At one point or another this week, all 3 of us have been sick.  We've been just laying low, sleeping as much as we can with an almost 2 year old running around like a crazy person.  (And, yes, he's been sick too.  It doesn't slow him down much.)  I had all these grand plans of going to the gym 5 days this week, and Aidan had a ST (Speech Therapy) appointment today, that I ended up having to cancel.  He was also supposed to start Mommy & Me gymnastics tonight.  That didn't happen either.

Couple everyone feeling less then stellar, to the fact that 3 days this week, we've gotten thunderstorms around 2-4am, which wakes Aidan up, and send him into sensory overload.  It's been a nightmare.  I'm hoping that things will calm down again here soon!

*So, I've been trying to write this post for almost a week now. Things haven't gotten any better. Aidan now has croup, and we've had to cancel a speech and occupational therapy session so far. And we missed the first day of gymnastics. He's starting to do better, but still has that horrid cough, that breaks my heart every time. He hasn't been sleeping very well, which of course, means no one is sleeping well. He seems to do better when he co-sleeps with me. Mostly, I think, because I prop him up on a couple pillows, and that seems to help the coughing. Who, knows.

For, now, I'll take what I can get. More to come soon. I have 3 giveaways and reviews I need to get done before Nick comes home, so keep an eye out!

Enjoy your week!