1st Annual Blog Bash!!

11 July, 2010

Blog Bash

Hi everyone! If you're visiting from the 1st Annual Blog Bash from Not Your Average Teen, WELCOME!

I'm Amy! (a.k.a. Éimí) I'm a Military Wife and a Fire Fighters wife all at the same time! I'm Christian, and try my best to live my best life. I have Fibromyalgia, and Von Willebrands Disease. Yup, and I still work in a kitchen, lol. We've been married for almost 1.5 years (eekkk). Fire Husband and I are in the process of buying our first house, so be sure to keep checking back to see our progress! I'm a chef, and a photographer...I love books, and music, and the outdoors...if you want to know more, email me, or take a look around!

This is our Air Force life...welcome to it!

Without further delay, the Blog Bash Questions!

1.) Why do you blog?
I blog as an escape. Things around here can get pretty crazy, and this is my place to let it out. I blog as a way to show other people that you never know how strong you are until you have no other choice. I love connecting with other bloggers, and Mil Spouses...

2.) What do you blog about?
I blog about everything. What ever comes into my head, is going to end up here. I blog about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life as a fire fighters wife, life as a Air Force wife. The ups and downs of being 'newly weds' trying to buy our first house. Oh, yeah...I do reviews and giveaways too.

3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
Being able to meet new people, and connecting with them.

4.) How long have you been blogging?
On and off for about 4 years now. This blog is just over a year old, I also have a photography blog.

5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :)
I've always loved the saying "Live well, love much, laugh often" so that was the basis. The Our Way part is...just that...we don't have a "normal" life...so we're doing it our way!

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