Within the time of four weeks pregnancy, usually you are able to get positive result clearly on urine pregnancy test. This phase is still early days during your pregnancy in which usually many women still do not know that they are already in the pregnancy phase. Your egg probably has been fertilized only in last two weeks. But still, pregnancy dating begins with start of last menstrual period that you have. In four weeks of your pregnancy, you need to know 4 weeks pregnant symptoms cramping and spotting in order to ensure you about your pregnancy and what possibility that can happen during this phase. You need to know what changes that may happen to your body as well as your baby’s development.

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Cramping and Spotting which Relates to Baby’s Development

The Causes and Treatments for 4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Cramping and Spotting

  • The changes that happen to your body

You need to know that the baby has implanted into urine lining. This contributes in making your body to experience some incredible changes. The earliest sign which is showed physically is that you experience a missed period. By having missed period, it indicates that the progesterone level of your body takes over hormonal balance in order to sustain the pregnancy. Your body is going to produce more hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin which is in line with the baby’s development.

This kind of hormone will be presented in the blood around seven up to eleven days after the conception occurs. The hormone itself comes from cells which eventually become the placenta. The normal levels of hCG in four weeks must range between 5 up to 426 mIU / ml.

As said before that during this week the baby implants in uterus, it buries itself within endometrium deeply. The hCG hormone produced will also help maintaining lining of your uterus. Besides, it sends signal to ovary as well to stop releasing egg every month. This will stop your period that happens monthly. Some pregnant women also experience a slight cramping as well as spotting during this time. There is a possibility that they may take this for a period by mistake since it usually occurs around their monthly period time. Regarding this 4 weeks pregnant symptoms cramping and spotting explanation, it will be presented for you further in this section later.

What measured in test of pregnancy is the level of hCG hormone. By conducting pregnancy test at this week, it may be able to detect the state of your pregnancy. hCG hormone can also cause pregnancy symptoms which probably appear sooner this week.

The symptoms such as aching or tingling breast, nausea, or fatigue will probably lead to make you believe that your period is going to start anytime. This is because the first symptom of pregnancy resembles PMS or premenstrual syndrome. However, as this week ends, monthly period that you expect will not happen. Instead, your pregnancy is coming on the way.

  • Cramping at four weeks pregnant

In this section, the symptom to be discussed is 4 weeks pregnant symptoms cramping and spotting. It will focus more on cramping that occurs at four weeks pregnant. It is normal for pregnant mother to experience cramping within all pregnancy stages as long as it is not accompanied by bleeding or severe pain. However, some women do mistake again that cramping in early stage of pregnancy is the sign of menstrual cycle. They can mistake it since they have just a slight bleeding or little spotting.

For your information, cramping and spotting during early stage of pregnancy are included as classic symptom of implantation. It happens when fertilized egg is attaching itself to the uterus lining. Mostly, even though spotting can disappear around two until three days, the cramping will remain.

Cramping that occurs during the early pregnancy stage is caused by some factors. Pregnant mother could experience this because uterus prepares for your baby. It begins to expand in order to accommodate the baby’s growth. Hormonal changes can also contribute to the cramping. It is not only hCG hormone during pregnancy, but there is also progesterone and estrogen hormone which are changed as well. When the level of hormonal production is high, it could lead you to feel cramps, pains, and aches. To treat this cramping, you can try to drink water in adequate amount. Moreover, you need to walking around and standing up which are said to help reducing the cramping. Trying some exercises such as kegel exercise and pelvic tilts will be able to strengthen abdominal muscles and pelvic to reduce cramps incidence.

  • Spotting and bleeding in pregnancy

It sounds scary to some pregnant women to experience spotting and bleeding during their pregnancy. However, you do not need to worry so much since it is common in pregnancy. There are some different reasons of why you can experience spotting in early pregnancy stage. Even though it is normal, you should report this matter to your midwife or doctor.

Spotting itself is included as light vaginal bleeding. It has pink or brown color like bleeding seen in the end or beginning of a normal period. You are indicated to have bleeding when it has bright red color. Unlike bleeding which will be heavier, spotting will have only a few drops. One of the causes of spotting is implantation bleeding. It occurs when fertilized egg attaches to uterine wall after conception. This spotting is lighter than monthly period. Implantation bleeding could cause cramping as well like mentioned previously.

As pregnant women, you should be aware of the importance of consultation with your doctor. All bleeding that occurs during pregnancy including spotting have to be reported to your midwife or doctor. You may be suggested to rest, wait, and see whether the bleeding is in small amount ad light. This is necessary to know especially when you are in early pregnancy part. However, if the bleeding or spotting becomes heavier, contains clots, as well as is accompanied by backache, period pains, and stomach cramps, you should contact maternity section in the hospital immediately. Seeing at how necessary it is, 4 weeks pregnant symptoms cramping and spotting cannot be taken lightly. Even though it is normal, you need to get the best treatment for the sake of you and your baby.