Nowadays, dieters are such a nice target for diet products manufacturers. They are deluged with so many diet pills or even clothes with supposed fast fat burning capabilities. There might be results from those treatment, though only temporary one and prone to give them nasty side effects. Besides doing the dieting program with those approaches, you still always do the far healthier weight-reducing program. And then, just how to healthy diet and fast without the use of a drug?  The following are several ways to do in order to get the body shape you always dream of in a fast and healthy ways.

5 Steps How to Healthy Diet and Fast without the Use of a Drug

5 Healthy Ways of Dealing Question “How to Healthy Diet and Fast without the Use of A Drug” 

  1. Count the Calorie Intake

One of the main aspects of healthy dieting is the calorie-counting. There are no fixed daily calorie intakes for each our bodies as it varies between gender and age. But, it is recommended that calorie intake for women aged 19-51 years should between 1,800 – 2000 calories in a day. As for men, the recommended calorie intakes are between 2,200 – 2,400 calories per day. As some foremost diet expert said, by following this calorie-counting approach strictly, you could reduce your weight quickly and healthily. Furthermore, restricting the calorie intake won’t have you to change your eating preference. You just limit it to the amount of calories mentioned.

  1. Start to cut Sugar and Starches

Apart from limiting the calorie intake, you need also to start cutting the sugar and starches intakes. This step is practically the second steps of your approach to reduce body weight. The central fat storage hormone in your body is the insulin. Therefore, by cutting both of the sugar sources, you could effectively reduce your weight.

Insulin normally has a lowering effect on HSL level. The lower HSL or Hormone-sensitive Lipase level means that your body has the tendency to store fat easily. So, by cutting back the daily intake of sugar and starches, you practically help the body to decrease the insulin levels. Moreover, when it happens that your HSL increases, it leads to the sucking out process of the fat from the fat cells. Well, the gist is that by cutting your sugar and starches, you lower the insulin level. By keeping the insulin low, you help to boost the HSL levels which lead to help your body relatively free from redundant fat.

Furthermore, the low insulin level also means that your body has easier process to get rid of the fat from its storage places in body. This makes your body to burn fat than your consumed carbohydrates. Furthermore, the approach helps the bodies to shed off excessive water and sodium because there is strong relation between fluid retention and your insulin levels. Recent studies show that the decrease of insulin level makes your kidneys retain less water, then resulting your body to lose the weight quicker.

  1. More vegetables and protein

So, what the next step of how to healthy diet and fast without the use of a drug? You have limited your calorie intake and cut off sugar and starches, now it’s time to boost the vegetables and protein intake into your body. Protein and vegetables have the function to make your body achieve the suggested amount of carbs you should have in a day. As an example, if you are adults and you need 1,200 – 1600 calories in a day, then you should take around 135 – 195 grams of carbohydrate in a day for your 1,200 diet. As for the 1,600 calorie diet, you should consume around 180 grams carbohydrates. You are advised to never surpass 260 grams level of consumption in a day. Some sources that do great things for your diet are seafood, fish, eggs, and meat.

If you have the right amount of protein in your daily meal, you are not only having a chance to lose the weight fast, but also have a more stable energy and blood sugar levels. This conditions lead to your body and mind to have more control on the craving or famish feeling. Meanwhile, the protein will support you in delaying the digestion process. It is a condition that makes you have a longer ‘full’ feeling. As simple tips, you should start to fill half of your plate with vegetables from now. The fibers on veggies will help you to stay full longer. Moreover, they are lower in calories and full of nutrients.

  1. Keep the Healthy Eating Habits

You have gone through several approach in dealing with the question of how to healthy diet and fast without the use of a drug. Now, it’s your duty to keep the healthy eating and exercising habit to keep your weight stay controlled. There are simple tips to help maintaining the eating habits. You could change your plate sizes. A smaller plate than average one will look fuller than a big plate for the same amount of food. A smaller plate helps you to proportionally control your portions.

  1. Start to Do Exercise Regularly

There will be no effective weight loss programs without good regular exercise to accompany them. Your bodies might be able to lose the excessive weight with the previously mentioned approaches. However, to keep it in the same state is another matter for a long run.  You need to keep it stable by doing regular exercises. Weight lifting might help you to burn more calories and quicken the metabolism process. The activities are also helping to keep your muscle lean. It is said that you need to take 6 calories for each pound of muscle on your body in a day. Meanwhile, it needs only 2 calories for the fat. So, the more muscles you develop, the faster your metabolisms process will be.

Those are five habits you should develop if you want to deal with question of how to healthy diet and fast without the use of a drug. Those five tips are easy to follow. By strictly following the steps, surely you will shed more fat far quicker and healthier than other approaches.