If you have tried all the methods of diet without satisfactory results, why not try a new method? Acupuncture has been found thousands of years ago can be an alternative for weight loss. How can acupuncture to lose weight? How to put a needle into the skin can make a slim body? Here is acupuncture for weight loss reviews that can help you decide the best thing for your life.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Reviews

It comes from China, acupuncture is one of the oldest medical procedures and most commonly used in the world. If you’re searching for alternative solutions weight loss, you may want to try acupuncture. Acupuncture for weight loss became popular after 2003, CNN reported clinical success of acupuncture for weight loss in China.

The increase in obesity in China led to the practice of acupuncture for weight loss is increasingly popular. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theories, the digestive system which is not balance can cause obesity. To lose weight, you can strengthen your digestive system through acupuncture. Because of acupuncture, your appetite can be controlled and then you could lose your gain slowly but sure. Acupuncture is useful to stimulate the body in order to return to normal. And judging from the amount of food intake, energy used, and balanced to determine the patient’s normal body weight.

Other theory tells that by doing acupuncture, our metabolism could be increased so that our body can burn calories faster. The way of acupuncture to lose our weight is by putting a thin needle made of stainless steel insert to some points on our body. The thin is inserted using hand or electrical stimulation. Not only needles, sometimes they combine the acupuncture with lasers. To get maximum result, the needles should stay in our body for 30 minutes before it is pulled out. At first, heat, tingling and numbness could be felt by the patients.

With acupuncture, you can lose weight around 1 kilogram per week. If you include women who are obese, the results of acupuncture therapy will be more visible. Typically, obese women can be up to 10 times the weight of therapy in order to return to normal. Unlike women who are overweight are not excessive, acupuncture therapy is certainly not during it. However, actually if we have done acupuncture therapy in five times for a month, we would already see the results for the loss of body fat.

When therapy, acupuncture needles are inserted almost the entire body. Needles are inserted then given the flow of electricity through the electric tool. The flow of electricity has function to speed up the process of therapy. Each therapy usually spends about 50 needle acupuncture.

After five times therapy, doctor will give deeper check if your weight has not gone down yet. Doctors will consider your reasons that caused the weight does not go down, whether you need extra or additional therapy. For example, the weight does not go down because the appetite is too big, the doctor will thrust approximately four needle acupuncture around the ear.

Acupuncture to streamline certain parts of the body can also be done. If you want to shrink the stomach, doctor stuck around 20 needles in the abdomen. If you want a thigh complaint were small, the doctor put a needle in fat which accumulates around the thigh. Therefore, you have to consult first before therapy.

Acupuncture therapy has not actually refrained from eating or other activities. However, better therapies are combined. If pure acupuncture alone is not given any restrictions to eat, but that is usually a combination therapy to lose weight. Combination with adjusting the diet or there are some cases that should be behavioral therapy, therefore the same must first consult a doctor.

Behavioral therapy means you should change bad habits, such as a woman who cannot work otherwise while snacking or fled to food when stressed. Therefore, to get the best result, the doctor will suggest to do some therapy combination; behavioral therapy and acupuncture. Besides behavioral therapy, it is also advisable that you exercise in order to obtain maximum results.

Besides for losing weight, acupuncture also could be done to cope other matters, such as to control menstrual cycles, to handle mood swings and to get rid of fatigue. There are some steps that you should follow in acupuncture for weight loss reviews.

Here is the procedure to lose weight with acupuncture:

1. The general acupuncture therapist will prescribe herbs.
2. The therapist will perform a series of treatments. After the fourth treatment, the therapist might change given herbal recipes.
3. After a few treatments, you will begin to feel full more quickly than ever before.
4. After the tenth treatment, you should take a two week break to focus on diet and exercise.

The result of acupuncture is not instant. You need some times before you get the impact. However, some of them who have done acupuncture said that their excessive appetite can be controlled as well.

These are some points on our body that need to have acupuncture for losing weight as follows;

First point is on our mouth. This area should need a therapy for reducing appetite. It can also be used to stop the smoking habit.

The second point is stomach. The therapy on this point is for reducing excessive appetite even you have fully charged your belly.

Third point is lung. If you are addicted to food, then you should get therapy around this point, especially if you are fond of chocolate and sweets too much.

Fourth point is endocrine. This point needs therapy to handle water retention, so that there will be excessive weight gain.

Fifth point is on adrenal and ovary. This point needs to get therapy if you get overweight because of menopause and pre menstrual syndrome.

Sixth point is on spleen. The therapy is used to balance sugar and hormonal disorder in our body.

Seventh acupuncture point is on kidney. Besides for handling water retention matters, the therapy on this point need to be done because of nervous system and hormone which is not balanced.

Eight point is thyroid. This acupuncture point needs therapy to get our metabolism slower.

One thing that you should regard is acupuncture could not stand without any other efforts. You should balance the acupuncture therapy with regularly exercise and diet menu for losing your weight perfectly.

Don’t forget to choose acupuncture therapist which has been certified, so that you will get a good secure. Common side effects from acupuncture to lose weight west include headache and nausea. Stress could be also another major which is able to cause increased weight. Not only the food that we should be culprit. The function of acupuncture is by helping to release endorphins which will affect the body to be more relaxed, calm, and happy.

But there are also differences of opinion on acupuncture’s diet. After some years acupuncture has already known to be useful for slimming. According to one doctor, said is not true that acupuncture can be slimming. Acupuncture works to help control hunger, for people who want to lose weight, acupuncture helps to undergo a period of adaptation. Although not eat rice, they are assisted by acupuncture, so that they will not feel dizzy and suffered a severe drop in blood sugar. Acupuncture is not going to help you lose weight if diet and lifestyle in general has not changed.