An asbestos claim lawyer is exactly what you need if you have contracted any asbestos related diseases as a result of asbestos exposure at workplace. Some of the most common but life threatening diseases that you may develop due to asbestos exposure include mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbesotosis. What makes it worse is the fact that these diseases develop gradually and finally get diagnosed only after decades from the time you were first exposed to asbestos. Among all other asbestos related diseases, mesothelioma happens to be the most devastating diseases that may eventually lead to death. A malignant tumor, mesothelioma attacks the thin membrane linings called as “peritoneum” or the “pleura” surrounding the lungs and the abdominal cavity respectively.

Asbestos Claim Lawyer Can Help With Your Claim

Asbestos claim lawyers represent clients who were exposed to asbestos in powerhouses, shipyards, steel plants, and other places. Since it is a disease that comes to the surface only after a few decades, mesothelioma cases are often very complicated. Even family members of such workers can become a victim of mesothelioma due to household exposure since the contaminated work clothes carry traces of asbestos. It therefore becomes necessary in case of both “occupational” and “para-occupational” exposures to find a good lawyer who specializes in asbestos related claims.The biggest challenge any asbestos claim lawyer faces during asbestos litigation lies in the area of product identification, as the brand name and the manufacturer of the asbestos products that caused mesothelioma need to be proved. Due to passage of time, clients invariably forget the asbestos product that they were exposed to so many years back at the workplace. To make this identification task easier, attorney usually have a broad database of product identification materials along with images at various job sites at top industrial centers in the United States. Many asbestos claim lawyers work in association with various other law firms and lawyers also specializing in mesothelioma cases and share product identification information with them. As per statute of limitations in most jurisdictions, an asbestos claim lawyer is permitted to file a claim within three years from the time his/her client found out about the asbestos related disease. In other words, lawyers can file an asbestos claim from the date of diagnosis of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases.

As per a special statute, asbestos claim lawyers can also represent the surviving spouse and dependents of workers who die due to mesothelioma to pursue settlement or wrongful death claims up to ten years from the date of death of the worker.

If you need an attorney in another state, many asbestos claim lawyers may even go to the extent of working in collaboration with a lawyer in that state to settle the claim at the earliest. And in case it is a claim that a particular lawyer cannot settle, you can always search on the Internet for a lawyer specializing in your type of case.

The majority of asbestos claim and mesothelioma lawyers work on a “no win no fee” basis. Before choosing any mesothelioma lawyer, it is important to verify that he/she has relevant experience in handling those types of cases. You also need to ask questions like how often the lawyer updates you on the litigation process, what would be the total litigation cost, and what other options you have. Typically, your lawyer may ask you to pay additional fees towards courier service, court filing fees, copying documents, or research services. You need to therefore understand the exact costs involved before hiring any asbestos claim lawyer to represent your case. At any point of time, you can always change your lawyer if you are not happy with his/her services or the progress of the litigation.