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Avocado is unique type of fruit which has high content of healthy fats. Many studies have shown avocado nutrition facts and benefits which give powerful effects for your health. Many people love avocado as this fruit offers perfect plain which will be delicious addition for toast, salads, dip, and other food combination. This creamy fruit presents not only high level of healthy fat but also some other nutrients that contribute in great way for your diet.

Avocado Nutrition Facts and Benefits for Healthy Body

One serving of avocado is 50 grams or based on 1/3 from one medium avocado. For this serving, it has eighty calories as well as almost twenty vitamins, plant compound, and minerals. Per 150 grams of avocado, the calories presented are as much as 12% which consist of fat, carbohydrate, and protein.

There are various kinds of vitamins as well found in avocado including Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and Vitamin B6. Besides, it also has Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Betaine, Choline, and Folate as other vitamins presented in avocado. This fruit is rich in minerals which are needed for the health of your body. Potassium is highly presented in avocado as much as 21% per 150 grams. In order to know further about its benefits, check more nutrition facts and benefits from avocado in the section below.

More Information about Avocado Nutrition Facts and Benefits with Their Contributions to the Health

  • Avocado is good for the health of heart

As a dietitian from America, Anne Mauney said that avocado has high content of mono- as well as polyunsaturated fats. This rich content is able to help in reducing the levels of blood cholesterols and decrease heart disease risk. Amino acid homocysteine in high level may be associated with higher heart disease risk. However, the folic acid and vitamin B6 in avocado can help to regulate it. There is also a study published in Nutrition Journal which found that this fruit was associated with the ability to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. This means that avocado can lower the risk of diabetes and stroke.

  • Avocado can regulate the blood sugar

Monounsaturated fats with high level found in avocado will be able to help stopping insulin resistance. This kind of nutrition has the ability to help regulating the level of sugar in your blood. Furthermore, there is also soluble fiber inside this fruit that can keep the level of blood sugar to be steady. If it is compared to another kind of fruit, avocado’s sugar level and low carb help maintaining the blood sugar as well.

  • Avocado’s fat can help absorbing the nutrients

When talking about nutrients, what really matters is not only its total amount. But you should be able to absorb the nutrients when you eat it. The nutrients you take should move from digestive tract into your body in order to be used. Apparently, some kinds of nutrient are included as fat soluble which means that the combination of such nutrients with fat is needed to be able to utilize. This includes antioxidants such as carotenoids as well as vitamin D, K, A, and E.

Referring to these avocado nutrition facts and benefits, there is a study which showed that when you add avocado oil or avocado fruit into your food, it can increase the absorption of antioxidant in the point of 2.6 up to 15. So, this nutritious fruit can increase the value of nutrients from another plant food you eat.

  • This fruit reduce cancer risk

Avocado is beneficial to reduce certain cancer risk. It has been shown that the risk of mouth cancer, prostate cancer as well as skin cancer can be reduced by consuming this fruit. This is because avocado contains of unusual combination of inflammatory characteristic and antioxidant. Moreover, a study from 2007 in journal about Cancer Biology showed that cells of cancer can be stopped to grow and die due to phytochemicals content in avocado that encourage it to happen.

  • Avocado is beneficial for immune system

Human’s immune system is necessary to be able to stay fit as shield that protects body health. Avocado is said to be beneficial for your immune system. Avocado presents good source of glutathione substance which is needed for immune system. This kind of nutrient is powerful antioxidant that is associated with the health of immune system. Human’s immune system can work the best only when lymphoid cell has glutathione in intermediate level which is delicately balance.

  • It is excellent for your vision

Discussing about avocado nutrition facts and benefits, this fruit is excellent for your vision. It contains of carotenoid lutein that can be useful to reduce cataracts and macular degeneration risk which commonly happen to elderly. Zeaxanthin and Lutein nutrient in avocado are important for the health of your eyes. Eating avocado will be beneficial for eyes health in long term.

  • The fiber in avocado is good for intestine

Another kind of nutrients which is found in large amount from avocado is fiber. This nutrient is able to contribute in reducing blood sugar. Besides, it is very helpful for weight loss and lowering the risk of other diseases. Soluble fiber as much as 25% in avocado is known for its benefit to intestine organ. This fiber is important to make the body functions optimally. Aside from soluble fiber, avocado has insoluble one as well as much as 75%.

  • It helps protecting the bones

Even though avocado has no content of calcium in large amount, it still has mineral and some different vitamins which can help with the health of bone. Kinds of nutrients that contribute to bone health are including boron, folate, copper, vitamin C, D, and K. The combination of these elements will be able to improve the health of your bone and prevent osteoporosis.

  • Avocado offers awesome benefit for PMS

PMS is common syndrome experienced by women around their period. Avocado has fatty acids that can promote healthy balance of hormone inside your body and also has high potassium contained in it. This fatty acid is able to balance hormone naturally and improve women’s mood during their period. All of these avocado nutrition facts and benefits are more reason for you to consume such nutritious fruit.

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