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Nowadays, Cancer has been the national disease and one of the diseases that still being searched for its cure, besides HIV/AIDS. Several cancers can be considered deadly if the symptoms are not being cured early on, and some are still considered only a threat and can be removed if it is being handled early on. Nevertheless, cancer is one of the most deadly.

Early Symptoms of Colon Cancer and Cause

One of the most dangerous cancers is the colon cancer. Why colon cancer can be considered as dangerous cancer. It is said that colon cancer has several undetected or unrecognizable symptoms. However, those symptoms actually can be recognized by those who have the colon cancer. There are several colon cancer early symptoms that can be recognized by those who have the colon cancer and here will be explained what is the cause.

The Common Cause the Colon Cancer

There are several causes of colon cancer; General Cause, Lifestyle Cause, and Genetic Cause. Those three main causes are the most common classification of how you can get the colon cancer. If you wanted to know more, read the information below.

  • General Cause

The most common general causes of colon cancer are the aging. The older you are, the more fragile you will be. While you already old, your immune systems will not be the same like when you were young, so colon cancer will be easy to slip by inside your body. In this case, the less chance of older people to be saved from colon cancer.

  • Lifestyle Cause.

Another cause of colon cancer is the bad lifestyle that you applied daily. You can name it; unhealthy diet, passive person, smoker, and alcoholic are the most common bad lifestyle that can cause a colon cancer. If you can make a healthy lifestyle, then you might save yourself from the colon cancer.

  • Genetic Cause

The rarest cause of colon cancer is the genetically infected with colon cancer. Most people might have a medical history of diagnosed a colon cancer due to the genetic cause with the mother or father have a medical record of colon cancer. It might sounds easy bit genetic cause actually could harm you pretty well.

How to Diagnose your Colon Cancer

To discover that you have a colon cancer in your body, you can do the activities below. It might not the best way, but at least you can do something for your body or diagnose your cancer early on to save yourself. Read more to discover the way to diagnose your colon cancer.

  • Screening

American Cancer Society, an association based in the United States who analyzed and specialized in Cancer, stated that screening could assist those who have a high risk of getting the colon cancer. They stated that most people are caught the colon cancer mostly at the age of 50 or younger. If you worried too much or do not really sure of your current condition then you might want to take the screening at your bodies to diagnose yourself whether you are already diagnosed with the colon cancer.

If you discover that your body has been diagnosed with the colon cancer and there was a sign of colon cancer early symptoms, then you will have a maximum of 90% chance of survival when in a preparation of removing it. However, if the colon cancer is already spread and on different or higher level, then the percentage rates of you to survive when diagnosed with the colon cancer is lower or might be worse than you know.

The Common Colon Cancer Early Symptoms

Aside from going to the doctor and discover your colon cancer through screening, you can do an observation to your own body to discover a whether you have a colon cancer. It can be done by analyzing and feel that there are something wrong with your body. It will pop out in form of several symptoms.

  • The Local Colon Cancer Symptoms

The most common of colon cancer early symptoms are the change of bowel’s Condition. As you know, Bowel has its own activities, which always static and never change. Once your bowel has shifted the condition, then you might want to check yourself and seek a medical attention.

A feeling of diarrhea with unconditional time, the feeling of constipation or the stool that kind of narrowed for several days are the most common feeling of different bowel’s condition. Those local colon cancer symptoms are the main cause of the change of bowel’s condition. It might have more pain and very hard to be detected since the pain and disease are more like a normal disease rather than the cancer symptoms. Hence, you cannot take these conditions very easy.

  • The Systemic Colon Cancer Symptoms

The colon cancer that attacks and affects lots of disease to your body is called the systemic colon cancer early symptoms. These symptoms’ effect is easy to be detected since the effect is really troublesome to your body. How come? The could cause pain to your body, and it might affect your daily condition.

Several aspects of systemic colon cancer symptoms are the decreasing of weight in such a sudden way without any explanation, the decreasing percentage of food intake due to loss of appetite, and easy to be fatigue. Those symptoms are quite easy to be detected. How come? Those symptoms are very distinctive than the other symptoms and make people easy to be panicked.

Those are the cause of the colon cancer early symptoms. Like every diagnosed cancer, cancer can be cured or removed if you can discover it early and not let it spread to your body. If you let it spread and makes it big and worse, then you will have less probability of removing it safely. When you feel something different with your colon, then you might want to check yourself as soon as possible to make a change. To cure a colon cancer, the best way you can do is discover it as early as possible.

58 / 100 SEO Score