Successful diet always has the best diet foods menu to lose weight fast. Exercise alone is not enough because you have to consider what foods you eat in daily basis. According to the research, diet is not only about cutting more and more calories. Instead, it is more about satisfying the hunger by eating the right foods. Some best foods can keep suppress hunger and appetite for few hours while making sure that you still get the essential nutrients. These are the foods you have to put into your every day’s meal plan. At the same time you select the best nutrients, calculating the calories of every meal you eat it also important. This way, you can calculate how many pounds you can lose within a week. Check out the recommended diet foods menu below to help you lose more weight.

Diet Foods Menu to Lose Weight Fast

Diet Foods Menu to Lose Weight Fast for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

For every breakfast, you have to consume at least 400 calories. Breakfast is the meal to keep you energized for few hours ahead. If you think skipping breakfast will help you lose more weight, you are wrong. It will only make you eat too much during lunch and that is going to make you fatter not skinner.

Menu for Breakfast

  • Lean Green Smoothie

This smoothie gives you 400 calories and a lot of nutrients to consume. This menu requires you to blend low fat milk, baby spinach, chopped frozen banana, rolled oats, honey and also ground flaxseed. A simply breakfast but will keep you full for few hours ahead.

  • Flakes

Here is another menu plan for breakfast. Combine banana, fat-free milk and also bran flakes. A great breakfast for making sure you get all the essential nutrients and to keep you energized until lunch.

  • Muffin and Smoothie

Do you love muffin? Well, you certainly can put this into your breakfast menu. Do not feel guilty eating muffin in the morning because it is a great dish. And, you can even spread light margarine on top of it for more flavors. While you eat muffin, end your breakfast with a smoothie that mixes banana, fat-free milk and also frozen berries. It is a simple yet delicious breakfast.

  • Oatmeal

We all know how great oatmeal is. This time, you should eat it for breakfast. Not only oat meals, but you can also add honey, cinnamon, apple and fat free milk to get a more delicious breakfast. This is a great food to start your day.

  • Toasted muffin

Again, you have breakfast menu with muffin. This time, you will eat the toasted muffin that is topped with slice apple, shredded reduced fat-cheese and also a bit of honey. For the nutritious drink, you should drink light yogurt sprinkled with slivered almonds. There is nothing more delicious that this breakfast menu.

  • Cherrios

If you love Cherries, you will certainly love this breakfast menu. It is not only Cherrios but it is also topped with slivered almonds and also mixed with fat free milk. Not only delicious, but it is also very nutritious.

  • Waffle

Have frozen waffle for your breakfast. Then, to make it much more flavorful, add sliced banana and peanut butter. If you are not a fan of peanut butter, simply replace it with honey.

Menu for Lunch

Let’s arrange your diet foods menu to lose weight fast for lunch.

  • Sandwich

To make this delicious sandwich, you need 1 mini pita made from whole wheat, roasted pepper, turkey breast, lettuce, mustard and also light mayonnaise. And, top it with part-skim mozzarella cheese. And for the fruits, choose kiwifruits.

  • Burger and Soup

It is another great idea for breakfast. It combines vegetarian soup, light yogurt, grapes and veggie burger. You can use mushroom broth to make delicious veggie soup. As for the burger, choose mini pita and fill it with salsa and lettuce.

  • Chicken Salad

Your lunch should be nutritious. That is why; you have to eat the chicken salad that is filled with skinless roast chicken breasts, slivered almonds, red grapes, lettuce, fat-free sour cream and light mayonnaise. Then, eat a banana to finish your lunch.

  • Tomato Soup and Mini Burger

Enjoy great lunch with mini burger and tomato soup. Yes, you can eat the mini version of whole wheat pita with horseradish, sliced roast beef, lettuce, tomato and also mustard. Then, combine it with salad consisting of only raw veggies, tomato soup and 1 pear for the fruit.

  • Quesadilla

Quesadilla is another perfect menu for lunch. It combines fat-free beans, whole wheat tortilla, reduced fat cheese and salsa sauce. Simply microwave it for 45 seconds. Then, you can also add low fat cottage cheese and mandarin orange sections. Eat cucumber to complete the menu.

  • Tuna Pita

This menu sounds delicious. Yes, it is. It is a whole wheat pita filled with water packed light tuna, cucumber, mustard, onion slices and light mayonnaise. Eat it with salad consisting of baby carrots. Then, make yogurt smoothie that combines banana and yogurt

Menu for Dinner

Follow the menu below.

  • Veggie Dinner Menu

Here is the first recommended dinner menu. You will eat foods as following: plum tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, cooked couscous, broiled sole or flounder and steamed broccoli. As for the dessert, enjoy a cup of fat-free pudding cup.

  • Chicken BBQ

Even if you are having diet, you can still eat chicken BBQ. Use boneless and skinless chicken and cover it with homemade barbecue sauce. And for the veggies, choose baked beans, boiled red potatoes and dill.

  • Dinner from the Sea

This time, you eat steamed shrimp for your dinner. And mix it with baked potato that is topped with fat-free sour cream and salsa sauce. Choose spinach for the vegetable. Then, you can also set low-fat fudge bar for the dessert.

  • Poached Salmon

Dinner with salmon sounds perfect. Well, it is. You can have poached salmon with cooked brown rice. As for the slow, you can mix the coleslaw mix, green onions and fat-free dressing. Have half a glass of fresh pineapple juice.

With numerous diet foods menu to lose weight fast to choose, your diet doesn’t feel like a true diet but it does let you lose some weight.