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There are many different causes of skin cancer. Skin cancer on the face is similar to the skin cancer in general. It occurs in melanocyte, basalt, and squamous cell layers and grows around epidermis. Even though the cancer cell attacks the skin, it is possible to spread and damage the organs around it. Many skin cancer sufferers lose their visions because the cancer cells affect the eyes’ functions.

Early Symptoms of Skin Cancer on Face and Factors

Each skin cancer patient may experience different early symptoms of skin cancer on face. There are different factors that cause skin cancer in each patient. The most common factors are a viral infection, chromosomal abnormalities, and genetic factor.

Some Factors That Cause Skin Cancer on Face and Other Parts

1. Dangerous Chemical Substances

Dangerous chemical substances affect body cell changes, especially the part of the skin that is at a high risk of being contaminated.

2. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

When it was found at the first time, it was known as the cause of cervix cancer. But according to the further research, HPV was claimed as a cause of skin cancer. Skin cancer can appear on the entire body skin surface. It is signed by warts on the genital skin surface and other areas such as back, underarms and other skin folds.

3. UV Radiation

UV radiation is noted to be the main cause of skin cancer, including skin cancer on face. The highest risk is when the UV radiates your skin pigment directly. This condition is most dangerous for the white people or Caucasian race.

4. Genetic Factors

Genetic factors are often associated with the skin disease like skin cancer. It is because the DNA code in someone’s chromosome will store some codes related to the previous descendant. For example, hair color, teeth shape, blood type, etc.

5. Tanning Bed Usage

A tanning bed is an alternative choice for those who want exotic skin without sunbathing. Actually, the tanning process in this device is similar to the sunbathing. But it was found that the tanning bed usage increases the risk of melanoma. Those who use this device will have 74 % higher risk of melanoma than those who don’t.

10 Early Symptoms of Skin Cancer on Face You Should Beware of

The early symptoms of skin cancer, especially on the face are quite easy to recognize, allowing us to beware earlier.

  1. Raised Skin Bump

The appearance of a raised bump on the skin is one of the early symptoms of skin cancer on face. The bump is usually asymmetric. So, it is never in vain to be wary if you find a bump or lump on your skin surface. To ascertain the cause of the bump that appears, you should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will advise you to undergo a medical check up to make sure what causes the bump.

  1. Dark Spots

When you find one or several dark spots on your face skin surface and notice it getting bigger, especially when direct sunlight exposes them, don’t waste time any longer and visit your doctor. It can be one of the early symptoms of skin cancer on face.

  1. Skin Discolorations in Certain Areas

Skin discoloration occurs because the cancer cells attack the skin pigment. Direct sunlight exposure makes it worse. These cause severe skin discoloration which is reddish brown and followed with itch and pain effects. Many people ignore this symptom because they think it a reaction to any allergy. To ensure it, consult your doctor to have the symptom diagnosed.

  1. Terrible Itch and Pain in Skin Surface

An itch that comes with pain can be a sign that the cancer cell starts to attack a normal and healthy skin cells. These signs can be recognized from the shape of wound that appears, skin surface feels raw when you touch it, and the blister appears in the itchy areas. The blister looks open and bleeding.

  1. Lots of Moles

Having lots of moles is normal for many people. But if there are too many moles growing bigger, this is not a normal condition any longer. It can be a sign of skin cancer.

  1. Painful and Itchy Moles

You need to beware when the moles on your face are painful and getting bigger. A normal mole is not painful although it is big enough. The itch that comes to the moles indicates something serious occurs in your skin. When this unusual itch comes often, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor. A normal mole is round or oval with the size of diameter is not more than 6 millimeter. It is not itchy and painful.

  1. Peeled Skin on Face

Skin exfoliation is usually caused by raw skin and dead skin cells. But if the skin exfoliates or peels without any reason, it is time to have it examined. The peeled skin on the face as a symptom of skin cancer is usually followed by other signs like redness, itchy, and painful.

  1. Dry and Burning Lips

When skin cancer occurs on the face, it affects some areas around it such as lips. Dryness on lips caused by dehydration, and it will get better after you are hydrated. However, it is abnormal if you experience dryness and burning sensation on lips followed with an itch.

  1. Burnt Skin

Pale and flammable skin is abnormal. It needs to get medical diagnose. Several cases of this condition diagnosed as a sign of melanoma or a factor that increases the risk of melanoma.

  1. Scaly Skin

The affected skin areas tend to dry and scaly. It is because there are a plenty of damaged skin cells so they can’t regenerate.

Prevent Face Skin from Skin Cancer

To keep your skin healthy and prevent it from skin cancer, there are some ways you can do:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight exposure
  2. Avoid direct contact with the skin cancer patients
  3. Avoid using cosmetics that contain mercury
  4. Apply prescribed skin care from a dermatologist
  5. Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin E and C

Skin cancer can be easily cured if it is diagnosed earlier. So, when you notice the early symptoms of skin cancer on face above, early consult a doctor or dermatologist will increase the chance to recover.

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