There are nonetheless several easy tips how to maintain the health of your eyes you can pick to apply. In fact, we have been so accustomed to our body parts being in perfect condition. Therefore, we possibly take them for granted by forgetting to take care of them. More often than not, we use them recklessly with no break at all. We do not realize how they are such a precious gift. So, we need to keep the health until it is too late for us for they have been impaired. One of our body parts we often neglect is our eyes. As nowadays’ work and activities demand us to always be in front of our laptop, either doing our work or watching movies, let alone staring at out phone screen chatting with our friends, we subconsciously have pushed our eyes to their limit. While we put our eyes on exhaustion, we do not realize we indirectly put our eyes on harmful condition which eventually will lead to visual impairment.

Easy Tips How to Maintain the Health of Your Eyes

In addition, visual impairment is the condition which our eyesight ability decreases to a certain degree still fixable with glasses or worst. It is not fixable with any means at all which cause blindness. It usually is caused by natural aging to older people. However, it is not unknown to people of other age as younger people can be affected as well due to the poor eye maintenance. As implied above, several causes of visual impairment are staring at the monitor or reading with close distance from the monitor or book, improper position of sitting, and poor light while staring at the monitor or reading.

There are several degrees of visual impairment measured by severity of the damage, from the lowest including short-sighted, far-sighted, or astigmatism. It can be helped with assistive device, such as glasses with certain kind of lens, to the most severe under which those affected lose their visual ability. Before your effort goes in vain, it is not too late for you to apply these easy tips how to maintain the health of your eyes.

3 Inspirations of Easy Tips How to Maintain the Health of Your Eyes

1. Check the eyes’ health history in your family

One natural cause of visual impairment which has not been mentioned before is that visual impairment is something of heredity. If your family has come down with the impairment before, it is guaranteed that it goes down in your family tree no matter how hard you try to prevent the symptoms of the visual impairment.

Let us say you have been taking medication of eyes’ health and avoiding the causes of the your eyes being impaired, such as reading with proper position of sitting and staring at the monitor in properly-lit room. However, if several relatives of yours from one of your parents have been diagnosed with visual impairment before, there is a big possibility of you being affected. Take the preemptive step by talking to your relatives and asking them if they have the history of eyesight problem. If they have one, what you have to do next will be listed below.

2. Get Regular Eye Check-Up

“We know already what we have to do next if we have eyesight problem” Well, scoff not folks as it is of crucial tip you really need to consider doing. With your limited free time after working your sweat off on weekdays, you feel reluctant to go see a doctor to have a regular check-up. The time you could use for regular check-up can be altered for your leisure.

Besides, some of you might not be interested to see a doctor recalling how many dimes it will cost you to have a doctor visit. The truth is, it is better to sacrifice your piling dimes for the sake of your eyes’ health than to sacrifice your eyes for the sake of money. Additionally, eye check-up does not cost you much after all. Therefore, you will not have much to lose compared to lose your eyesight ability.

By taking early checkup, you can find out if you have any degenerative eyesight symptoms as several impairments do not show any indications. In short, it is better to be safe than sorry at all in the end, isn’t it?

3. Eat well

There is a well-known English proverb which says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” To some extent, the proverb may ring truth behind it. What you eat will have effect on you at the end. If you eat anything bad, the food you consume will go right back against you by giving bad effect on your health. On the contrary, you will gain the benefits of healthy and nutritious food if you consume heartily good foods. In the case of eyes’ health, nutritious and healthy food will be much of effectively preventive supplement which keeps away visual impairment symptoms.

Leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, are proven to be effective in preventing the degeneration of macular or your retina. That being said, your eyes’ health will keep taken care of by these greens. Additionally, vegetables and fruits which contain carotenoid and lutein, such as carrot, blueberries, oranges, and blackberries, are also good for your eyes to work in perfect condition. Besides vegetables and fruits, other protein source rich of omega-3, such as walnut, eggs, beans, salmon, tuna, and oyster are considered effective in preventing inflammation of blood vessels in your eyes.

Besides easy tips how to maintain the health of your eyes above, you are suggested to protect your eyes like you would protect your skin from being sunburnt. If you put a sunblock to protect your skin, you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes to give you protection from sudden glare.

Resting your eyes every 25 minutes will do a good job as well. That is all for easy tips how to maintain the health of your eyes you can pick. Every step counts, even the baby step.