Before you look for any recommendations on how to heal cracked heels fast, you need to recognize the symptoms of cracked feet so you can take preemptive medication for this.

  1. Indication is that your feet are red and patchy. If your feet are suddenly turning red and flaky, you need to take immediate prevention for this case.
  2. Your feet start to feel very itchy and even bleed when you scratch it. It means that crack is actually deepening on the dermis layer and can cause infection if you leave it without any treatment.

If you are not comfortable with cracks on your heels, you need to look for the solutions on how to heal cracked heels fast. Cracks can totally make your feet look terrible and unappealing to everyone who sees them. If you like wearing sandals or even open boots, this fissure of the feat are definitely your biggest enemy as you cannot wear those types of footwear with your cracked feet. You might not want to be considered careless because you do not keep your feet clean by wearing open footwear with your feet cracking.

Easy Tips on How to Heal Cracked Heels Fast

This can happen because of poor feet care as it is usually caused by the lack of moisturizing and over exposure to water. But in several cases this is a sign an early symptom of diabetes. Additionally, cracked feet is common to people who excessively use their feet, such as track athlete, and those who are in their aging process. Although in most cases cracked feet does not cause any pain, and also can give you severe case of pain.

Now you have recognized several common symptoms of cracked feet. There are several tips on how to heal cracked heels fast you can try yourself at home.

Handful of Tips on How to Heal Cracked Feet Fast

1. Rub Your Feet with Coconut Oil

More often than not, coconut oil is used by many people for cooking. It will come as no surprise to see many people have one bottle of this in their kitchen. Not only is it useful for healthy cooking, coconut oil does also come in handy for first aid treatment for you cracked feet. Besides, it can prevent your cracked from contracting infection with its antiseptic compound.

Most studies show that coconut oil as actually good for cracked and dry feet. With its natural moisturizer and antibacterial compound, it helps moisturize your feet and prevent your feet from any kind of inflammation respectively. Cracked feet is actually prone to bacterial and fungal infection exposed from outside. This coconut oil here will play its part better than any other natural ingredients.

All you have to do with coconut oil to heal your cracked feet is soak your feet in warm water and scrub your feet with exfoliating loofah firstly before going to bed. Next step is to dry your feet with gentle and soft towel and apply the coconut oil on your cracked feet. Then, put on pair of clean socks and leave them overnight. When you wake up, do not forget to take off the sock and clean your feet. Do it for several days on regular basis for effective result.

2. Soften Your Cracked Feet with Lemon Juice

Besides being refreshing juice after gruesome activity in hot days, lemon juice has actually magical properties for several case of dry skin. You might have caught several tips on the internet on softening skin with lemon juice. Well, the good news is that lemon juice can also be applied to your dry and cracked feet to retrieve is softness back like it used to. Its natural acid can help scrub the dead skin off your feet and make your feet soft and appealing to look.
If you decide to use this lemon juice to heal your cracked feet, all you have to do is to make a lemon juice first by putting the lemon in the blender and add the juice to a bowl of warm water which can fit your feet. Then, soak your cracked feet in the solution of warm water and lemon juice for 15 minutes or sp. While you soak your feet, do not forget to brush your feet gently with soft feet brush you can easily get at the store. Dry your feet and apply some skin moisturizer on your cracked feet on the last step. Do it several times a week and you will be guaranteed a soft feet.

3. Moisturize Your Feet with Oatmeal

If you thought that oatmeal is only carbohydrate supplier in your daily meal, then you thought it wrong. With its grainy texture, oatmeal can be effective scrub and moisturizer for your dry and cracked feet. Use this oatmeal on your feet on regular basis, you will have your cracked feet healed and softened like it used to be.

All you have to do with the oatmeal is crush the oatmeal to make a powder out of it. If it is already crushed, mix the powdered oatmeal with jojoba oil to make paste out of them. Apply the thick paste on your dry and cracked heels and wait for about 30 minutes or so by leaving the paste to do the job. After 30 minutes or so, wash the paste off your feet with cold water and dry your feet with soft towel.

Another tip you can do on how to heal cracked heels fast with oatmeal is mixing the powdered oatmeal, olive oil, and all-purpose flour in a cup. Soak your feet in warm water, scrub your feet with exfoliating loofah and apply the mixed batter on your dried heels and calluses. Leave the paste on your feet for about 30 or 40 minutes, wash the paste off your heels with lukewarm water and apply another moisturizer. Do it on regular basis for most effective result.
Those are several easy tips on how to heal cracked heels fast with natural ingredient you can easily find anywhere. Do not wait until your cracked heels get more severe.