Most of us do not know about egg white nutrition facts and benefits. Well, egg white comes in the form of thick and clear liquid. This liquid is what surrounds the yellow part of egg or what is often called yolk. Egg white has a responsibility to protect the growing chicken from harmful and dangerous bacteria by defending them using the protective layers. This part is mainly constituted by 10% of protein and 90% of water. It is really rich in beneficial nutrients for the consumers. To maximize the benefits, abandon the yolk when consuming egg. With this way, the nutritional value of consuming egg will change significantly.

Egg White Nutrition Facts and the Benefits We Should Know

List of Egg White Nutrition Facts and Benefits

1. Egg Whites are High in Protein and Low in Calories

One of egg white nutrition facts and benefits we should know is that there are more than 67% of all the protein found in the egg whites. The proteins found are categorized high-quality and complete. With that said, the egg white comprises all important amino acids with the amount that your body needs to maximize its function.

The high protein content is what brings the most benefits. Scientifically, eating an egg white has a role to help controlling appetite. This means that eating it can make your stomach stay full for such long period of time. In term of building muscle, egg white is much recommended for maintaining the muscle mass. Try to include it on your diet when you are trying putting on extra mass on your muscle.

On the other hand, when you are trying to lose or maintain your current weight, egg whites provide more protein that can be stored as an extra calorie in your body. In other words, egg white nutrition facts and benefits are helpful for those who want to shed the fat because one egg with a rather large size contains 4 grams of protein and 17 calories.

2. Egg Whites Are Low in Fat

Eggs have been really debatable food for its content of high cholesterol and saturated fat in the past. It turns out, those damaging content can only be found in the yellow part of the egg. In contrast, the other benefits are all good source of protein and almost no cholesterol and fat at all. Egg white is considered to be the healthiest part of an egg. It also brings lower calorie for the body which is really good for those who are on diet in the way of limiting daily calorie intake. With that said, eating white egg only is better that eating the whole egg.

3.  Egg whites contain no cholesterol

In addition of the aforementioned egg white nutrition facts and benefits, lots of studies have also found that the cholesterol found in the eggs is not a big deal unless they are consumed in moderation. Egg whites are also really beneficial for those with high cholesterol related problems.

Egg white nutrition facts and benefits can bring out the benefits for the outside parts of your body. One of them is facial skin. Egg white is really good ingredient for facial skin treatment. This can make your skin glowing instantly without having to buy all those pricy facial creams. You can make your own face mask at home using egg white combined with the other ingredients that you have in refrigerator.

To make the simple face mask, all you need to prepare are egg white, lemon juice, and honey. Those ingredients will help you fading the acne and blackhead while nourishing and moisturizing your face at the same times. Besides, egg white will also help tighten the pores on the facial skin.

Here are the steps you should follow before starting the whole treatment to get egg white nutrition facts and benefits.

  • Separate the white from the yolk

First thing first, you should prepare a bowl and crack the eggs. To separate the egg whites with the yolk, try to transfer it from one cracked shell to another one. When doing the transfer, make sure you make the egg white fall into the bowl bit by bit. Do it until it is separated completely. Save the yolk for baking or cooking the other recipes of meals.

  • Add the lemon juice

Prepare two tablespoons of lemon juice, and then add it to egg white in the bowl. The lemon juice has a natural astringent that will act to help the process of getting rid the acne and bacteria that might lead to blackhead. Also, it can make your skin much brighter.

  • Mix the juice with the egg whites

To make the remedy, just mix egg white with lemon juice by using a fork. Whisk them all until they are well-mixed and creating a frothy and foamy texture.

  • Wash your wash before doing the treatment

Washing your face before conducting the treatment will help your skin open up its pores that might lead to the improvement and effectiveness of using the mask. Using a mask can be a very messy business. Try to pull or pin your hair to prevent it from sticking to the hairs. For the protection of your clothes, put towel over the shoulder or chest.

  • Apply the mask on face

You can apply the mask on your face by using a cotton ball, a cloth or even your fingers. Avoid the application in the areas around nose, eyes, and mouth. After it is completely applied, wait it for 10 to 15 minutes until the mask is runny and falling off the face. During the treatment to get all the benefits, try to lie down to avoid the unwanted mess or you can also sit back in the chair with a tilted back head. Wash the mask when the process is done by using lukewarm water and a gentle scrub. Dry your face by using a clean and soft towel

Well, now you know egg white nutrition facts and benefits. Just use them as your reference to make the healthy and safe home remedies.