Mindfulness meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. This method offers many physical and mental benefits depth to practitioners. Many scientific studies have proven itself a positive impact on awareness of the body, mind, and emotions and their ability to heal and transform our lives. We will write down some of the benefits of guided mindfulness meditation that will make your life more meaningful.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Better Life

1. Bring Your Mind for Now

Mindfulness meditation allows you to enter your consciousness and bring your mind to focus on the present. At any point in time, the mind is always turbulent future thinking. Whether it’s living in the past or feeling anxious and worried about the future. Meditation helps your mind focus only on the current course, and help you enjoy your life more.

2. Set You Free

With continuous practice, you can let go of the barriers and limitations of your mind with courage and confidence. You learn to be more confident and free yourselves from all sorts of limitations that may have shackled your mind over the years.

3. Bring a Sense of Peace

Mindfulness meditation is a practice that has a calming effect on the mind and emotions of peace. A sense of peace always accompanies your daily activities. With peace of mind, you can see things as they are and be ready to respond, not just react to whatever is happening outside. You are more grounded, focused, and will not be easily influenced by all the deceit the world.

4. Prevent Diseases

Research has shown that your mind has an effect on the overall well-being. Most illness has been called psychosomatic. They come from the mind. If you want to be more evolved life and able to heal physically, it’s important to pay attention to mental health, emotional and spiritual.

5. Eliminate Stress

Daily meditation helps to deal with a common problem that happens a lot, stress. It has become an inevitable part of life and affects us and everyone in the world. Stress creates toxins in the body, which in turn is responsible for a number of diseases. Regular meditation exercise helps release stress and also prevents the accumulation of stress accumulated in your body system.

6. Prevent the Desire to Eat a Lot

It is one of the great health benefits of mindfulness meditation. Meditation also helps prevent you from wanting to eat a lot. Research has proven that practicing mindfulness meditation-based consciousness can be cut in half from excessive appetite in a short span of time.

And aims to raise awareness of back and conduct an understanding and appreciation of the whole organ. In this meditation we are invited to live the whole uniqueness of our own body that has been so many years’ helps us do all the activities, from infancy until now.

Respect your body and appreciate such a way as to give a smile and positive energy (air / oxygen). Remember creation of you as a human being is the supreme supernatural mystery. Meditation serves to sharpen your appreciation of inner senses (rahsa), to re-grow your awareness of things that have been forgotten as a result of the use of the brain that is too focused on routines and logic power. In this meditation all the hay that has been forgotten recalled.

Guided mindfulness meditation would dictate your mind to come back to the world of purity with appreciation. In mindfulness meditation is needed is a total appreciation of which requires the involvement of flavor. With this awareness meditation will lead us to know ourselves and know how to appreciate life itself.

To do the mindfulness meditation as well, you need to learn the techniques;
1. Sit with your spine straight as comfortable as possible.
2. Close your eyes or eyes open slightly.
3. With full of awareness, say a prayer for forgiveness and a prayer of thanksgiving to God Almighty.
4. Make a triangular breathing. Breathe in the air through the nose slowly. Feel the sensation of the breath coming into the whole body. Hold the breath a few counts. Then release the breath slowly through your mouth. Repeat several times.
5. Once it starts doing appreciation of the whole organ. Feel the presence of organs of the head, neck, torso, hand-to-toe; give a smile to every member of your body.
6. Feel kept any sensation that feels in your body. Remove all muscle tension. Calm and relax both body and mind.
7. Perform approximately 15 minutes.
If this is your first experience meditating, then meditate for short periods of time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes. When you are more experienced, you can extend your meditation time for 25 or 30 minutes.

Meditation needs practice. You need special time to learn the techniques, so that you can get the aim. At first, when you do awareness meditation, you couldn’t get the peace and calm. Moreover, you can feel strange and get difficult to concentrate. Slowly, you will get shocked to realize that this time you use more of your mind to focus on the past and the future and not the present.

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Establish a continuous schedule for yourself, you should confirm that your but make sure that this schedule is easy and short. Don’t focus on demanding result, you only need to make the meditation as a habit and be kindness to yourself.

After you get involved at this point, slowly you will find the joy and peace. In addition, meditation has tremendous health benefits: Meditation can make your immune system much stronger. Through meditation, you also could make your blood pressure and pulse lower. Moreover, you can fix your bad mood.

Meditation is a very beautiful gift for you! Meditation is a basic requirement for your soul. It is said that the more responsibility you have, the greater the need for you to meditate. Just a few minutes of guided mindfulness meditation in the morning after waking and at night before bed, it is necessary answers to make your life more beautiful. Mindfulness meditation is a simple and effective way to meditate. Do you want to be calmer, more “present”, or more grounded, mindfulness meditation will help you.