If asked about what vegetable that would on the bottom list of your favorite vegetables, most likely you will answer garlic without any knowledge of the health benefits of eating raw garlic. Not a surprising thing many people avoid consuming this strong-smelling spice due to its strong smell. It is so strong that it will stink the whole room through your breath or sweat odor. That is why this notoriously smelly spice is best avoided by many people, most probably including you.

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic

However, there seems to be so many things the garlic has than most of you give your credit for. As implied above, there is so much you can gain from the health benefits of eating raw garlic. Bet lots of you have cringed at the thought of you eating this nasty-smelling thing raw, even if you eat it in your cooking. Buckle your seats and get ready to be brought to your nightmare of stinky breath and body odor.

Well, that is such a pile of exaggeration, really. Many doctors have agreed on the benefit of eating garlic raw and suggested you to have a try on yourself. Such recommendation is no without base, actually, as raw garlic can fulfill your need of several nutrition with only one bite. Just to convince you folks to try consuming this spice, here is list of several benefits of eating garlic raw.

Several Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic

  1. Good Immune Booster

As our daily activities and job have demanded us to kick it off with our high-quality performance, we often are exposed to many varieties of bacteria and viruses which can infect you with illnesses and diseases. Yet, with a few selections of healthy foods, you can pick to boost your immune system. There is not much thing you can do to get better defense against illnesses and diseases.

By eating raw garlic, you can get something your body really needs with only one bite of this. Well, it can be immune booster. Garlic has certain strong antiviral health property which is similar to that of antibiotic you get from nearby apothecary. It is said so because garlic can almost shield you from any kind of infections and inflammation. That being said, you no longer need to hurry yourself to the nearest clinic and ask for antibiotic.

Most studies show that garlic is effective at preventing and treating cold. Besides, those who eat raw garlic on regular basis have fewer colds and shortened periods of cold compared to those who do not. In other words, there is really no reason for you not to eat garlic raw anymore.

  1. Provides You with High Amount of Antioxidant

Related to the premise above, our activities, jobs, and lack of healthy foods we consume every day can have several harms to you. One of those harms is that you have been cast with the exposure of free radicals from your surrounding environment. Most studies show that those who are exposed to free radicals have higher possibility of getting infected by cancer. Free radicals, which all doctors agree, have been notoriously known with its damage to DNA which can lead to cancer.

As those things we have on regular basis put us on dilemmatic position, so how to prevent free radicals in the middle of activities? Well, eating raw garlic has been well-known to ward off those pathogen. With the antioxidant it has, raw garlic can prevent free radicals from doing any damage to your DNA and other cells. Besides prevent you from any kind of cancer you can name, raw garlic can also shield you from many kinds of diseases as well.

  1. Lowers Your Cholesterol

With your activities and jobs cramming your schedule, it is near impossible for most of you to prepare your own meal. Not only is it such a time-wasting activity, cooking can also be quite expensive for those who are running out of monthly budget. The only choice you have left is to buy yourself fast-food from nearby burger joint or hotdog cart you can find on the sidewalk. Well, it seems like the most possible way of eating you can afford.

Yet, what most of you do not know of that these fast-foods you always take for daily meal is hardly healthy for you. Mostly, it contains high amount non-soluble fats which can have bad effects on your metabolism, let alone its almost-zero nutritional values. With your limited budget, you do not need to worry about having a doctor visit on regular basis to check on your cholesterol intake. Only by eating raw garlic, you can reduce cholesterol by 9% up to 12% if you consume this spice on daily basis. That being said, you have effective shield of protection from terrifying cholesterol haunting you off by the edge.

  1. Keep Your Blood Pressures

Still sort of related to the premise above, we have limited choice of healthy foods we can consume for daily meal with lack of time for you to prepare your own food. Besides, your limited budget can lead you off to limited choice of foods. It then pushes you to take cheap yet unhealthy foods. In addition to vile cholesterol harming your health, those unhealthy foods can increase your blood pressure or cause hypertension.

Many studies have shown one of health benefits of eating raw garlic is that it can reduce your already-high blood pressure to the degree of normality which usually takes high doses of supplement. So, you do not need to chug down much supplement.

  1. Heavy Metal Detoxifier

With unhealthy foods we consume, do not be surprised to find high amount of heavy metal in your body with health benefits of eating raw garlic. You can have those heavy metal, such as sulfur compounds, detoxified easily. Start this off with four bites of raw garlic every day for the most effective and desired effects.

Those are several health benefits of eating raw garlic. The effects normally need you to chug down the high doses of vitamin supplement.