Toothache and pregnancy have strong relation that requires utmost attention. During pregnancy, women feel uneasiness, soreness, and pain in many organs, including teeth. Minor issue will lead into big problem which endanger fetus. Taking medicine will increase the risk because pregnancy is the sensitive and vital period. In order to get better painkiller, some home remedies for toothache during pregnancy are available. For the benefit, home remedies are safe for long-term utilization and they are easy to obtain. You can find these remedies at home or store. Another benefit is cheap.

Home Remedies for Toothache during Pregnancy

Toothache in pregnancy comes from various causes. There are inflammation, gum disease, external force, infection, calcium deficiency, and tooth decay. Another factor is imbalance hormone between progesterone and estrogen. Women may not feel toothache before pregnancy, but this problem appears immediately as the result of hormonal factor. Research showed teeth problem leads to other illness in other organs such as kidney, heart, brain, lungs, and digestive system. You can imagine when pregnant women get this problem. Well, fetus and childbirth problem can come from the toothache.

Some Home Remedies for Toothache during Pregnancy

  1. Clove

Handling toothache has two objectives. Firstly, you soothe pain nerve to get rid of severe pain sensation. The second objective is to destroy core of illness. It might be infection, inflammation, or bacteria. Clove is popular remedy to handle pain, especially tooth. You recognize this remedy as mixture in tea or juice. Soothing aroma gives ultimate relaxation that creates soothing feeling in teeth. Grind clove then apply directly on tooth. Another way is clove oil which available in store. Use cotton swab to apply on teeth.

  1. Garlic

Garlic has specific compound to handle inflammation and infection. This ingredient has been used since long time ago as traditional medicine. Another capability of garlic is antibiotic to get rid of bacteria. Eating garlic regularly is good for health, especially pregnant women. Grind raw garlic and add black pepper. Apply directly into tooth. You may consider eating raw garlic slowly. This method is good when you can endure taste of garlic.

  1. Onion

When talking about home remedies for toothache, everyone will put onion on that list. Since long time ago, people used onion as primary ingredient for herbal medicine. Onion and garlic are best friend to handle pain problem. Onion has antibiotic and analgesic compound which useful to get rid of bacteria. Pregnant women do not have to worry about adverse effect because onion is safe to use. Chew onion directly then slowly pit on pain spot. Another way is to cut onion into small pieces then put again on tooth.

  1. Cold water

Swollen gum is one cause of toothache during pregnancy. This problem appears as result of inflammation and has potential to invite bacteria. You need to take care this problem immediately.  Cold treatment is simple and easy way to sooth pain. During inflammation, blood and muscle are strained then increase temperature. Normally, blood will pass vessel easily, buy inflammation keep blood from passing through. Be careful when apply cold treatment for toothache. You cannot drink or gargle directly due to high sensitivity. It is better to use clean clothes to put cold water directly on tooth.

  1. Guava leaves

One of home remedies for toothache during pregnancy is guava leaves. Taste is a little bit bitter, but guava leaves are effective to soothe pain. This ingredient is also good to handle digestive problem, which relates to tooth. Chew this ingredient directly until feel juicy. Put on tooth then press slowly. You can boil water then put guava leaves until dissolve into water. Strain it then use clean linen to take this solution on tooth. Add water to increase capability

  1. Warm salt water

Two methods to dissolve pain are col and hot treatment. In cold treatment, you sooth pain, but not block blood to pass vessel. Another method is warm salt water. Salt is natural antibiotic. Bacteria are able to stay in acid environment, which comes from tooth decay. You get this condition when eat food or drink much sugar beverage. To control acid level, salt is right ingredient. Combine salt and warm water to increase capability. Too much salt might induce sensitivity so keep compound at sight level.

  1. Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is also good to relieve pain during toothache. It is able to soothe severe pain during inflammation, swollen, an infection. Using this ingredient is simple. Vanilla is available in extract form then takes cotton swab to add vanilla into tooth. Vanilla extract is also safe for pregnant women.

Toothache is not problem that cannot be avoided. Instead of using remedies, preventive measure is better to apply before teeth start to feel uneasiness.

Several methods are available as preventive measures to avoid severe ache

  • Avoid sugar, caffeine, and carbonate beverage

Tooth decay appears after mouth has high acid level. Several causes creates this condition such as sugar, caffeine, and carbonate beverage. Alcohol is able to induce acid level. It is obviously clear that avoiding all of them are the right way to prevent toothache. Pregnant women are sensitive to carbonate or sugar which affect metabolism. High sugar inside bloodstream is factor for diabetes and hypertension. Kidney, heart, and heart need to work hard to control blood level.

  • Eat smooth and subtle foods

You feel pain when teeth cannot chew foods. External forces are rare to make teeth problem, but still high risk factor. Pregnant women require eating smooth and subtle foods. Teeth are inside mouth and single problem in this organ spreads excessively to other areas. Beside smooth foods, eat more fruits and vegetable to maintain metabolism.

  • Brushing teeth regularly and mouthwash

Another preventive method is mouthwash. Use herbal ingredient as mouthwash. You may brush teeth regularly to prevent decay and bacteria. Pregnant women tend to feel sensitive when using normal toothpaste. They can consider specific toothpaste that less sensitive.

Keep in mind that home remedies are for preliminary treatment. Toothache is simple problem when treat immediately then apply preventive measures. In certain case, home remedies for toothache during pregnancy are no longer good. Doctor and dentist are right options to further treatment.