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A lot of people underestimate stress, while in reality it can really ruin your health and peace of mind. Be extra careful when you are expecting or pregnant because there are so many effects on how stress affects your pregnancy. Some of the major pregnancy issues are caused by stress. If it is left untreated, it can lead to severe issues, such as baby blues or other types of post-partum depression.

The Possible Issues related to How Stress Affects Your Pregnancy

Most people brush off the stress by thinking that it isn’t too important. But let’s not forget that different people handle stress differently. Some people may develop high tolerance response to stress, while others aren’t. And not to mention that everything can be a mess when you are expecting. Your body alone has undergone major chaos and mess with the unstable hormone. If you don’t learn how to manage it well, there are so many elements and factors on how stress affects your pregnancy.

Understanding the Situation How Stress Affects Your Pregnancy

You see, pregnant women have already undergone changes on their own. No one can predict how the hormone works, so it will be unstable and messy. And whether you realize it or not, you are having a new life inside of you; a life that needs care, love, and protection. It takes a huge courage and responsibility. It is not about having it and delivering it to the world. It is about raising a child. It can really put a heavy burden on your consciousness. And let’s not forget that your body is changing, from morning sickness, constant nausea, and huge discomfort. With the growing discomfort, the bigger the stress level will be. Trouble sleeping, back pain, swollen feet, and other issues will definitely affect your mental and psychology.

  1. Premature Birth

According to research, pregnant mothers with high stress level have developed the tendency to deliver early. Sure, there are many reasons for the premature birth, but stress also contributes to the condition. According to studies, moms who delivered early showed signs of high stress level. Most of the babies are born before 37 weeks. This can be dangerous for both the moms and the babies.

In most cases, babies are born at least within 38 weeks of pregnancy. If they are born before 36 or 37 weeks, they may have not yet fully developed. In fact, the earlier they are born, the bigger the risks for them to experience risks. Premature babies are commonly suffering from minor and also serious diseases, such as breathing issue or cerebral palsy. This is one serious condition on how stress affects your pregnancy.

  1. Low Birth Weight

Never underestimate the birth weight because it is crucial from medical point of view. A baby is said to have low birth weight when it is born under 37 weeks and it weighs less than the standard 5 pounds and 8 oz. Of course, some babies are naturally small but they don’t have any medical issues. Some, however, are born small because they don’t get enough nutrition while they are carried. They experience IGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) which means that they don’t get the necessary nutrients. Babies with IGR will likely develop bigger health risks, such as low blood sugar level or hypoglycemia. It is crucial to monitor their condition right after the birth to make sure that they grow well and they develop signs of normal functions and performance.

When you are stressed out while pregnant, the body produces stress hormones (cortisol, norepinephrine, and pinephrine) which make the blood vessels shrink. When the arteries shrink, the blood flow to the babies will be affected and obstructed; your baby doesn’t get enough nutrients from you. This condition can be detected during pregnancy. If the doctor has spotted this issue during the check up, he can suggest some ways for you to deal with the stress level.  This is how stress affects your pregnancy, for real.

  1. Miscarriage

This is the worst thing that can happen to any expecting moms. Sure, pregnancy isn’t easy and yes, it can also be hellish. But then again, there is a new life growing inside you – your own blood and flesh. Losing one is a nightmare; it’s like losing a part of you. Although there are many reasons why such a spontaneous abortion can happen, stress also plays a huge role in it. Some studies show that high level of stress can really affect the pregnancy, especially if it happens in the very early stage of it. If you really want to avoid it, you need to relax and calm – avoid stress on any cost.

  1. Baby Blues and Depression

Stress can’t be contained – it should be dealt with. Unfortunately, many people choose to somewhat keep it a secret because they don’t want other people to think of them as making drama or reacting too much. Many moms pretend to be fine while they are actually piling up anxiety. When you are stressed out and it is not dealt with, it will lead to bigger issue of depression.

Never underestimate blue blues or postpartum depression. It seriously affects your mind and it will affect your physique as well. You can lose your mind if you don’t seek medical assistance right away. This is one scary aspect on how stress affects your pregnancy and you don’t do anything about it.

  1. Risk Infection

Do you know that when you are stressed out, your immune system can be seriously affected? The stress hormones can be important on certain occasions but since they are supposed to be short termed, a prolonged situation can lead to damage and deterioration of the body’s cells and systems. Prolonged and chronic stress will lead to cells reduction in fighting off infections and also make the white blood cells less effective. Pregnant moms have already had lowered immune system and when they are stressed, the immune system will go even lower.

It is important to keep yourself stay healthy and happy during the pregnancy. Talk it out to your partner and seek medical attention as soon as possible when you start having the signs. Never underestimate the stress, considering how stress affects your pregnancy and bring damaging effect in the end.

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