Acne is major issue in skin, especially for face. There are several ways for how to care for oily and acne prone skin naturally. For your information, oily and prone skin goes alongside each other. Prone skin tends to fragile and sensitive. On the other hand, oily skin is also sensitive to external and internal causes. This matter will be discussed in the list section.

How to Care For Oily and Acne Prone Skin Naturally and Effectively

What are causes of acne? Many people always ask this question, but the answer is a little bit difficult. Skin has oil glands that produce oil to keep surface from dryness. In certain weather, these glands produce less than usual because skin is too moisturized. Usually, skin does not have moisturizer because oil is enough. Unfortunately, skin is also sensitive to dramatic change from outside and inside body. Well, it leads to excessive oil production. When oil cannot get out of skin pores, they stuck in surface then block the pores. At the end, acne appears immediately.

To handle oil problem in skin, you need to recognize how oil glands produce more oil than usual. It is important to determine next step. Several factors contribute to this condition. Acne is the sign of puberty, which relates strongly to hormone. Teen is the age between twelve and twenty. They are sensitive to acne. Another factor is food. Excessive fat inside body needs to be expelled. Skin is the organ to handle this matter. The rest of factors are mental condition, weather, drugs, disease, etc.

List of Ways for How to Care for Oily and Acne Prone Skin Naturally

  1. Healthy diet

After knowing the cause of oily skin, it is time to step into first method in how to care for oily and acne prone skin naturally. If you have oil problem in skin, healthy diet is the simplest, easiest, and cheapest way. You can use artificial or chemical product to deal with oil externally, but food intake takes everything ultimately. Oil is form of fat, so you should reduce the foods which are high of fat, sugar, and carbohydrate. What is relation between carbohydrate or sugar and acne? Fat is obviously the cause of oily skin, but sugar might not too directly involve.

Sugar in blood is glucose and carbohydrate is the source of glucose. This compound is the main source of energy for any activities and metabolism. Glucose is easy compound to change into calories. Unfortunately, excess glucose is not good because body needs to change into lipid then put under skin or any other organs. Lipid is another form of fat, which leads to excess oil in skin. To control oil, body uses two methods. Firstly, it is transformed into lipid, which is already applied. Secondly, glucose turn into fat then to be got rid from the body directly through skin.

What kind of foods to keep oil and prone skin out of way? You need to consume more protein, vitamins, and minerals. Protein is able to regenerate cells and organs. Vitamins and minerals help metabolism in check. Be careful for certain foods that contain high fats such as nut and butter. It is better to eat more vegetables and fruits. As you know, fruits are sweet, but they are different from glucose. Fructose or sweet fruit is quite similar to glucose, but with different chemical bond. It is more safety and healthy.

  1. Home remedies

Food control is not enough when you are in harsh oil condition. For such reason, several home remedies are ready to give skin excellent condition. What are the functions of home remedies? Answering this question affects to how to care for oily and acne prone skin naturally. Home remedies are for external treatment which control oil in check. Acne is not just oil because some factors create worse condition such as bacteria, allergy, and inflammation. Home remedies are able to deal with oil and the rest of factors ultimately. Keep in mind that these remedies are not the magic tool, so you should wait after several treatments.

As stated earlier, fruits are good for body and diet. They are also source of natural remedies to deal with skin. You can use fruits such as tomatoes, apple, and lemon, these fruits contains antiseptic to isolate bacteria and prevent them for spreading into new area. Using these ingredients is simple. You just create juice from tomatoes or lemon then apply it on the skin. Lemon might be too sensitive for skin. You can mix it with honey or milk to soothe the effect.

Honey, yogurt, egg and milk are good remedies for skin. Honey contains specific compound to control skin from producing much oil. Many beauty products use honey as primary ingredient. Instead of buying at store, it is better to use pure honey directly on skin. Spread honey in face at night then wait until morning, after that, wash your face with fresh water. This treatment gives two results: oil control and smooth texture on skin. You can also use yogurt, milk, and egg whites in similar way. Home remedies need to be applied regularly to get the excellent result.

  1. Stress control

Acne and excess oil also come from stress condition. Healthy diet and home remedies are treatment for physical aspect. You still need to control mental condition to avoid imbalance metabolism. When mind is in unstable condition, the body will respond with several ways and one of major ways is oil production.

Simple thing to handle stress is good sleep. You may take holiday just for one day to get deep sleep. It is better than going around in crowded place. During sleep, body starts to control unusual condition, especially hormone and oil production. Another way is relaxation such as yoga, meditation, or exercise. Sometimes, exercise is able to get rid of stress problem due to exhausted condition. You do not have time to think about anything. Therefore, mind and mental should be in excellent condition to prevent oily skin and acne.

Three things above are the basic ways to deal with oily skin naturally. They do not come out of nowhere without reliable and eligible data. Many researches are conducted to answer oily skin problem. You do not have to use chemical products as they bring high-risk effect in long term. Just apply healthy diet, home remedies, and stress control to deal with how to care for oily and acne prone skin naturally.