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Alcohol beverage is not good for body, especially when you drink it too much. The effect is known as hangover when the body feels uneasiness and cannot perform motoric movement. Alcohol is able to absorb much liquid from body or scientists call it as diuretic. This compound increases the kidney to work hard and dissolve the liquid directly. How to get rid of a hangover headache? You may take a rest overnight, but it’s still not enough. Another way is without medicine to get rid of headache, but it seems still to keep going without curing. There are several ways to treat headache after hangover with simple and natural ways.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover Headache with Simple Ways

Headache is another sign of hangover. Several adverse effects are anxiety, muscle soreness, stomachache, nausea, bad breath, and dizziness. How much alcohol will affect body? Alcohol beverage contains different levels. You may find five percent of alcohol proportion at store without much harmful. Heavy compound alcohol is more than ten percent. In some countries, alcohol is only for adult at above twenty years old. This regulation has objective to protect early damage in teenage body. For your information, alcohol addiction is one of health issues that create big problem in the future.

How to Get Rid Of a Hangover Headache Naturally Fast at Home

  1. Water

The simplest way to get rid of hangover headache is drinking water. You will go to bathroom frequently after drinking too much alcohol. Drink fresh water to change the liquid inside body. Water is able to absorb leftover compound inside digestive system due to alcohol effect. How much water that is enough to overcome hangover condition? It takes five to eight glasses of water to maintain body liquid. Electrolyte drink is the good choice due to good effect. However, be careful when you drink this kind of beverage. In addition, avoid caffeine because it has similar ability to absorb liquid. Instead of gaining strength, you will get more severe dehydration.

  1. Coconut water

Coconut water has been known as beverage to prevent dehydration. After drinking much alcohol, you can rely on coconut water to fulfill liquid need. There are two ways to consume this kind of water. First, you can take it directly from coconut fruit without additional ingredient. To increase the capability, mix coconut water and honey so you get the liquid and energy at the same time. Second, you can find it at store, but be careful as this coconut water is no longer pure. It is mixed with some chemical compounds. Well, it is better to get it directly from nature.

  1. Lemon juice

Signs of hangover are dizziness and soreness. Another sign is stomachache as the effect of digestive irritation. To treat this problem, you need special ingredient which is able to dissolve high acid inside stomach. Lemon juice is the right choice to handle such matter. Lemon juice contains vitamin C that’s able to increase stamina and control sugar level in bloodstream. Prepare lemon juice and warm water. Mix them into one solution then drink immediately. Adding honey is good way to improve the flavor.

  1. Banana

How to get rid of a hangover headache? Eating fruits with high potassium will protect body from heavy diuretic compound. Consume one banana before sleeping. Repeat it again after drinking water. Banana will clean the body from alcohol residue.

  1. Tomato juice

Tomato has the same compound as banana. Having tomato juice is another way to reduce alcohol compound. If you do not find lemon or banana, tomato is the right choice. Add honey to increase the flavor and consume it regularly.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is popular medicine for many diseases. Since long time ago, people used ginger to reduce headache, stomachache, and bacterial infection. Cut ginger into small pieces then put into boiling water. Pour into glass or cup then add honey. Drink this tea to get rid of headache. You may consider ginger powder to the easy way.

  1. Honey

Honey is another good ingredient to reduce hangover headache. It contains potassium to control alcohol inside body and prevents blood to raise its pressure. Honey is also natural sweetener to gain energy after you feel tiredness. You can consume honey directly after feeling uncomfortable. Honey also works together with other ingredients such as lemon and warm water. For your information, sweet taste in honey comes from fructose that’s similar to sweet flavor in fruits. Fructose is another sugar compound which is safer inside bloodstream rather than glucose.

  1. Toast and egg

Normally, you feel hungry after consuming alcohol. Lack of carbohydrate induces body to take short way to producing energy. For such reason, you can eat toast and egg to reproduce the energy immediately. Toast is quick food for carbohydrate and egg is protein to balance. You cannot eat much carbohydrate due to sugar compound, so protein will act to ease the side effect. Moreover, egg contains rich protein and it is easy to digest.

  1. Sleep

Adverse effects after drinking much alcohol appear after sleeping. You cannot remember first sleep due to heavy dizziness. After long period sleeping, you will get up then feel uneasiness. Do not emerge immediately from bed, but just lay again to sleep. Second sleep will be very helpful to reduce headache.

  1. Massaging

Massaging is good method to relax the muscles. Normally, you will get sleep after too much alcohol. In the morning, muscle soreness emerges excessively that makes you uncomfortable. You cannot rise from bed just to take a gentle walk. Press the elbow gently and start to massage the upper arms. It is the most soreness muscle in body due to heavy work. You also need to put hand on both temples then massage again gently. Blood circulation requires clear pathway to reach the brain. Basically, you massage muscles that work tirelessly in body such as arm, foot, back, head, and hand.

  1. Walking

Your muscle may feel sore and your head is dizzy. But, you need to force the muscles to work immediately and let them gaining the normal condition. It is opposite method to overcome headache. Instead of sleeping again, you can get up then start to walk. Of course, this method depends on physical and mental state.

Each remedy is able to overcome headache problem during hangover. You can mix two or more remedies to gain effective treatment. For example, drink water, eat banana, and get sleep. Lemon juice, honey, massaging, and ginger tea are also the excellent remedies to soothe headache. However, they are preliminary methods and not for severe damage. Therefore, you already know how to get rid of a hangover headache.

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