Miscarriage is a frightening experience for every pregnant woman. Just after they found that they are pregnant, they have to discover that they have lost their soon to be born baby. Of course, this is devastating especially those who have waited so long for a baby. Therefore, it is very important on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy particularly among women who are over 40s. According to the research, there are certain different factors known to increase the risk of miscarriage. And, the percentage of women experiencing miscarriage is also quite high which reaches 15%. But the same research revealed that the dominant cause of miscarriage is genetic abnormalities-related cause. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to control it.

How to Reduce the Risk of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy – 5 Important Measures

Knowing the detailed information regarding the cause of miscarriage is crucially important especially if you have experienced recurrent miscarriage. In this case, the doctors categorize the cause of miscarriage into several categories.

It is anatomical cause is the miscarriage is caused by something within the mother’s bodily structure. This is a natural cause yet it can still be treated. This cause includes large uterine fibroids, incompetent cervix, misshaped uterus, and also severe Asherman’s syndrome. To find out anything wrong within bodily structure, woman has to go through examination like USG as one of the most recommended ways on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Meanwhile, there is also genetic cause. This refers to genetic defects in the sperm or the egg. Both men and women have greater chance experiencing this problem considering the current sperms and eggs are not as healthy as those when women and men were in younger years. Usually, this problem requires solution related to change of lifestyle into nutrient dense and healthier lifestyle. It usually includes therapies and supplements to protect the sperm and egg DNA. At the same time, it also provides the required ingredients to get healthier reproductive system.

Blood clotting is also another common cause of miscarriage. It induces spontaneous abortion which is also known as miscarriage. This usually happens without any signs before. Therefore, it is important to have your pregnancy checked as early as possible.

5 Essential Steps to Prevent Miscarriage

Now that you have known the most common causes of miscarriage, you should continue by taking the necessary measures to prevent this unfortunate thing from happening. Among these beneficial measures, therapies give significant effect. The best time to start taking these measures on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy is before conception at least 3 months before.

1. Prepare for Conception

Yes, preparing for conception is an important early measure. This is the first step you should take to cleanse your body. It gives a lot of benefits. For example, it supports your liver to cleanse your body from any excess hormones and toxins. At the same time, it also encourages your uterus to cleanse itself from any increasing and old uterine tone and circulation.

2. Nutrient Dense Fertility Diet

The next measure to take is to build up and nourish your body to achieve much healthier and baby friendly body. It involves nutrient dense fertility diet. Everything that you eat will pretty much affect the health of your eggs, your placenta, hormonal balance, chances of miscarriage, reproductive system and nutrient storage. You will want to have healthier reproductive system by having this 90 day fertility diet. And, you will be doing it willingly because this diet involves various delicious and healthy foods you will love to eat every day. Some of the foods include avocado and high omega 3 fishes.

3. Healthy Foundation

Healthy foundation involves a variety of minerals, EFAs and basic vitamins. These are important for good hormonal balance, healthy reproductive system and also good ovulation. It is actually a two punch step. The two steps refer for sufficient omega-3 supplement and multivitamin. However, it isn’t just any multivitamin. Instead, it is particular prenatal multivitamin. Usually, it contains vitamin B6 and B6 and also the folic acid or folate. Combination of these vitamins has been proven to be effective in preventing miscarriage that is caused by high homocysteine levels.

Meanwhile, the omega-3 fatty acid is important because it helps to regulate the inflammation responsive, maintain hormonal balance and improve cellular integrity. In other words, it helps your body to prevent the miscarriage.

4. Abdominal or Fertility Massage

Increase the circulation to uterus is significantly important to promote healthy conception and on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy in general. This is related to change of lifestyle from modern lifestyle to healthier lifestyle. Modern lifestyle is highly related to being too busy and stressful life with lack of exercise. As a result, the circulation to the uterus is decreased. This is the reason why the massage is necessary. Basically, there are 3 different massage options to support the reproductive circulation. You can consult with the therapist for further information. Overall, the massage helps clearing congestion and adhesions and increasing circulation to uterus. Usually, the massage is customized based on your recent condition.

5. Herb and Supplement Program

The traditional therapies do not only involve massage but also herb supplement problems. However, this program doesn’t help miscarriage caused by issues with fetus. Instead, it helps to prevent miscarriage caused by poor diet, stress, weak uterine muscles, trauma and also low progesterone level. These herbs are beneficial to give strength and extra nourishment to nourish your depleted body. For the exact supplements to be consumed, you should consult your doctor.

As you take those five important measures, you should also start doing simple yet beneficial daily habits from now. For instance, if your previous miscarriage was caused by stress, then you should be more relaxed and get more rest. If necessary, you can also take a day off every once in a while from your office to have a nice relaxing day. Ask your spouse to spend more quality time with you to do any activities to make your more relaxed. Consuming the 600 IU vitamin E every day is also necessary. This will improve the overall health of your body. And as your pregnancy grows, make sure to avoid doing heavy activities that can induce the spontaneous abortion. Practice those useful measures on how to reduce the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy so you will have your baby born healthily.