How to stimulate hair growth naturally? This is easy question, but takes time to answer. Women consider hair as crown that gives beautiful looking for their appearance. Having lustrous and thick hair are able to increase their confident. However, hair is also the most delicate part on head that easy to lose and depraved. Natural remedies are better than chemical products due to side effect after long-term utilization.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally with Home Remedies


Hair problems are reasons to use remedies for treatment. Several causes involve in these problems such as age, genetic, medication, illness, chemical products, hormone imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies. Change hairstyle is able to create hair problem. Besides that, staying under sunlight and improper hair tools are other causes that make hair problem.

Some Answers for How to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally

1. Rosemary

One month is minimum amount of time to get good hair. Normally, you need to use remedies more than six month to make sure hair grows properly. How to stimulate hair growth naturally? One of answers is rosemary. Everyone is familiar with this ingredient and it is popular for hair treatment. Rosemary has nutrients to nourish hair in order to make thicker and shiny. Rosemary prevents hair loss due to silica and sulfur. Dandruff is another hair problem beside hair loss and rosemary can handle immediately. Rosemary comes in oil form so you just mix into warm water then uses it as shampoo.

2. Eggs

Eating egg regularly will increase hair growth. High protein is required to keep hair grow at natural phase and egg is much recommended. There are several ways to use egg to handle hair problem. Firstly, mix egg and yogurt then add water. Apply on hair directly and massage gently. Wait for fifteen minutes and rinse. Secondly, replace yogurt to olive oil and the rest of treatment is similar. Egg is also good as solitary compound for hair growth.

3. Scalp massage

The simplest and easiest way to increase hair growth is scalp massage. Blood spreads nutrients into other organs including head and hair. To reach top level, blood takes much effort, especially blood vessels in scalp. You need to let blood circulation goes up into scalp easily. Massage is good method to soothe blood vessel in order to spread more nutrients for hair. Be careful not to press scalp heavily due to fragile and sensitive form

4. Castor oil

When talking about hair preservation and loss, castor oil is one remedy that cannot be forgotten. Castor oil is able to prevent bacterial infection and increase hair texture. Rich vitamins, minerals, and proteins are reasons to put this oil into list of hair remedies. Apply directly into hair and massage gently. Wait for half an hour then rinse with fresh water.

5. Olive oil

Few oils are suitable to handle hair problem and olive oil is one of the. In cooking and culinary, olive oil is good choice to reduce high fat of butter. Moreover, this oil preserves nutrients after cooking. Olive oil is also good to treat hair loss. Mix two or three tablespoon of olive oil into warm water. Use it as shampoo to wash hair twice a day. When hair starts into normal condition, reduce treatment for just twice or three times a week. Olive is one of easy ways to answer how to stimulate hair growth naturally.

6. Lemon juice

Antioxidant and rich vitamins are reasons to put lemon as remedy for hair problem. Lemon contains folic acid, vitamin C, and B vitamins. They are enough to supply hair in order to get rid dandruff and maintain hair integrity to avoid losing. You can apply lemon juice directly for twice a week. Another way is honey as complimentary ingredient

7. Coconut milk

Another ingredient to treat hair loss is coconut milk. People use this milk as ingredient for diet. Consume coconut milk regularly to get better result for hair treatment. For external method, you can use coconut oil as shampoo. Spread gently into hair and scalp. Massage slowly and wait for thirty minutes. Rinse with fresh water. Coconut milk is also good companion with olive oil, honey, avocado, and aloe Vera to reduce hair loss.

8. Fish oil

Protein is required to preserve and grow hair extensively. Fish oil is quick way to gain protein. Everyone cons omega-3 fatty acid as the most popular compound to preserve the hair from losing, looking dull and thin condition. Fish oil is available in supplement form at store. Consume regularly twice a day to get better result in one month

9. Aloe Vera

Discussing about hair treatment cannot complete without aloe Vera. It is one of popular ingredient in beauty products. Aloe vera has rich nutrients to enhance hair growth and good for skin. Pure aloe vera is better than mixture with chemical compounds. Prepare two or three leaves then slice into small pieces. Extract their juice and apply directly on hair. You may add water to get a little bit. Treatment should be applied three times a week to get better result.

10. Honey

One of ancient medicines is honey. People recognize honey as pure ingredient to overcome majority of diseases. Mix honey and a glass of warm water then drink in the morning. You will get better healthy condition. Honey is natural sweetener that good as sugar replacement. For hair, honey contains antioxidant, mineral, and rich nutrients to boost hair growth. Besides, honey increases the blood vessel capacity in scalp. Using honey is simple whether as solely ingredient or mixing with other. When you need quick answer for how to stimulate hair growth naturally, honey should come out in mind immediately.

11. Beetroot juice

Beetroot has rich nutrient to grow hair. You can buy at market easily and turn into juice form. Two ways to use this fruit are consumption and massage form. Consume this juice to gain direct nutrient. After that, use beetroot juice as shampoo.

Avoid any junk food with high fat and cholesterol. When go outside or outdoor activity, protect hair from direct sunlight. Control mental condition and having good sleep to keep from stress. Mental and mind involve in the hair condition, so keep them at calm and pleasurable state. How to stimulate hair growth naturally? You already know how to answer it.