Giving a birth is kind of blessing that God give in every woman. But, there are several problems that woman can face after giving a birth, one of that is postpartum hair loss. Don’t be worry mom, your problem is not an abnormal one. That postpartum hair loss is a normal problem happen for about 50% women after giving a birth. Why it is happen? This natural phenomenon appeared because after a woman giving a birth, they estrogen hormones are back to normal and reduce, so in the changing of hormones, some of hair are loss at once that must be fall off in a routine period because of the pregnancy hormones are higher than before. Stress about having hair loss? We can find the solution about how to stop postpartum hair loss to our friend or we can do a consultation to the obgyn doctor how to solve that.

How to Stop Postpartum Hair Loss

In the normal cycle of hair growth, it is possible to have a hair los everyday as a routine. But, in pregnancy, there will not be a hair loss because of higher estrogen hormones. Women have a high estrogen hormones during their pregnancy so it stops our hair falling out and switch directly after giving a birth. The ppostpartum hair loss often appear when you only touch your hair, comb or clean it with shampoo. Some of tips can make you feel better in finding a solution to stop post partum hair loss. The tips are below:

1. Cut Your Hair

You can cut your hair after giving a birth can be at two or three days after. Believe it or not, having a treatment for our body and hair after giving a birth is such a relief for new mom to strenghten and refresh their body and mind after giving a birth. Usually, some of women cut their hair before they giving birth and some of them cut their hair after giving birth. If we have a long hair, it can make our hair be loss easily and make us unconfident and stress with it. so, having a short hair before or after giving birth is one of better solution to reduce the pospartum hair loss.

2. Drink Vitamin

Having postpartum hair loss or in medical language it can be called Tellogen Efflovium is a natural temporary phenomenon for all the women who has already giving a birth. The prostpartum hair loss happened until second or third month after giving a birth, some of them having a postpartum hair loss until six or even one year. We need to drink a vitamin to give back nutrient for our skin, body and hair. The good vitamin that can be drunk for women after postpartum vitamin B, vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and also Selenium. Those vitamins are good to give us right mix of nutrient that we need. Don’t ever stop drinking vitamin after postpartum to have a better nutrient.

3. Give a Moisturizer

Shampooing is one of the activity that new mom like to do after giving a birth to refresh their body. They can do it several hours after giving a birth if they have a normal birth or several days if they having a caesarian birth. Beside shampooing, one of the thing that new mom can do to reduce their temporary natural postpartum hair loss is giving more moisturizer after they done shampooing. Giving the moisturizer can make our hair fresher and smooth. Beside giving moisturizer, increasing the frequency of shampooing can also reduce the postpartum hair loss.

4. Ignore the Heat

Actually, it looks good when we dry our hair with hairdryer or straighten our hair with flat irons even curly irons to make our appearances better. But for new mom, it is totally bad decision to use some of heat electronic for our hair. Those things will make our hair loss in a big volume. Forget all the heat and dry it naturally under direct sun.

5. Do a Hair Massage

Having a hair massage can be done after we giving a birth to refresh our body. The purpose in massage oru hair is to increase of blood circulation that create hair follicles that tend to hold on to make a better hair root. If we do a hair massage routine, our hair root will be stronger then it will reduce on how to stop postpartum hair loss. That hair massage not only give us fragrance to our hair but also strengthen our hair root.

6. Let Your Hair Free

To let your hair free means that don’t often tied your hair in a long time. This can make your hair loss very much. Try to comb your hair routine slowly so we can carefully control our hair to avoid hair loss. Having hair tied means we tightly tied hair, so that can make our hair be loss. So, having short hair is better than tied your long hair after giving birth.

7. Using Hair Ornaments

Some of hair ornaments like scarves, bandana, and headband can be used to make our hair better than tied it. It can disguise hair loss. It is popular for new mom who have little time to prepare theirselves.

Some of the tips on how to stop postpartum hair loss can have a different result for every new mom. It is impossible for new mom having a bald head because of postpartum hair loss. As we mention above, that postpartum hair loss is appear temporary and usually, there will be no drama after one year. Last but not least, having postpartum hair loss is not even make your day worse when seeing your baby crying and hug them warmly because if we have a longer stress only about facing postpartum hair loss syndrome and ignore the presence of your bay, you will be missed the lovable moment in your life. Face the postpartum hair loss wisely and it will be dissapear soon.