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Your smile will be more perfect with the appearance of healthy white teeth. You can get these white teeth in various ways. The easiest way is you can do teeth whitening at the dentist. However, this method costs a lot. For those of you who want to get white teeth, but without spending a lot of money can use natural way to whiten teeth. How to whiten teeth fast at home is a safe and natural way. You can whiten teeth at home quickly using baking soda. This material is easy to find and cheap. To make this bleach with baking soda should be mixed with lemon or lime. How to make it very easy, mix the two ingredients to form a paste.

How to Whiten Teeth Fast at Home with Natural Materials and Safe

How to Whiten Teeth Fast at Home with Natural Materials and Safe

After the paste is formed, apply it to the toothbrush and brush gently to all parts of your teeth. Allow for about one minute to allow the content of the natural paste to seep into the tooth. Next, rinse with water until mouth and teeth clean. Do this tooth whitening twice a week or once a week. Do not be too often whiten teeth with this mixture of pasta, because it is feared will damage tooth enamel.

Using coconut oil. The content of lauric acid in coconut oil can play an active role to kill plaque-causing bacteria in the tooth. In addition, coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties that can maintain healthy gums and keep the mouth fresh. The way you need to do resembles teeth whitening with baking soda. Take enough coconut oil, then apply on the teeth evenly. You can also use a toothbrush to apply it. Let stand for five to ten minutes. After that, rinse with clean water.

Use the fruit of the strawberries. You can whiten your teeth with ripe strawberries. This strawberry fruit contains Vitamin C which can destroy the natural plaque of teeth. In addition, strawberries also contain malic acid that serves to remove yellow stains on the teeth. How to use it is very easy. You only need to take five strawberries. After that, clean the fruit and mash until smooth. Next, rub it on the surface of the tooth evenly. Let stand for five to 10 minutes, then clean the teeth with clean water. Tooth whitening using strawberries can also be done directly. The point is, rub the strawberries directly onto the tooth surface without adding any ingredients. Perform this treatment on a regular basis to get maximum results.

Using a strawberry with salt. The function of the salt is as scrubbing the tooth surface. The way is quite easy, mix the finely grown strawberries with a teaspoon of salt to pasta. Next, rub the paste gently onto the entire surface of your tooth. Set aside pasta for five or ten minutes so that the benefits can be absorbed by your teeth. After that, clean it with clean water.

You can also whiten teeth at home using lemon and salt paste. How to make it easy enough, mix the lemon and salt drip with a balanced combination. The content in the lemon serves to remove plaque and dirt on your teeth. The next step is, rubbing all over your parts slowly with a toothbrush. The last step is gargling with clean water. Do this routinely to get natural white teeth.

Using apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda and salt. Mix the ingredients until they become paste. Then, apply evenly to all parts of the tooth and clean after stunned for 10 to 15 minutes. Early color of teeth is white, but over time teeth change color to yellow. These color changes can be influenced by various factors, both internal and external. The inner factor that causes teeth to change color is the use of certain types of drugs. Meanwhile, some factors from outside are smoking, alcohol, coffee, the, chocolate, and consume less healthy foods.

Using chemicals and teeth whitening strips. One of the chemicals you can use is hydrogen peroxide. Although the chemical, but liquid hydrogen peroxide is declared safe by the American Dental Association. You can buy this liquid hydrogen peroxide at the pharmacy, choose hydrogen peroxide with a 3% solution that is safe for your mouth and teeth. How to use it quite easily, mix hydrogen peroxide with water. The composition used to make this solution is 50:50. After that, gargle with the solution as much as 30 ml or two spoons. Gargle for about a minute. After that, clean the mouth with water followed by a toothbrush as usual. You can use this solution every day before you start brushing your teeth.

Use teeth whitening strips. You can buy this tooth whitening strip at the pharmacy. Choose a teeth whitening strip made of polyethylene and avoid teeth whitening strips containing chlorine dioxide as it may damage your tooth enamel. Before using tooth whitening strips, you should brush your teeth and clean between your teeth using dental floss. In addition, you should also clean your gum parts. Do not forget to read the instructions given on the packaging label.

This aims to avoid errors in the installation of teeth whitening strips. Next, attach the tooth whitening strip and apply a gentle pressure so that the gel patches closely adhere to the tooth surface. Allow the tooth whitening strip according to the time suggested in the instruction. Release the tooth whitening strip, this is done when you use an unsolvable tooth whitening strip. The final step, rinsing with clean water to clean the rest of the gel on the teeth.

How to whiten teeth fast at home can also be done with teeth whitening gel. Use whitening gel products recommended by your dentist to avoid effects that can harm your oral health. These ways you can practice yourself at home to make your teeth white and clean. However, you can also prevent or adult the effects of tooth discoloration by brushing your teeth regularly every morning and night. You can also consume nutritious foods to support your dental health. Other than that, reduce to consume a drink that can cause your teeth to yellow. These types of beverages include; soda, coffee, and tea. To keep your teeth white, you can also regularly clean the teeth using Siwak or Miswak.

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