The term autism refers to mental condition with low capability to do normal activity and process. Autism includes wide area that’s difficult to be determined into single category. Children with this issue show some signs in early age, from two to three year olds. Occupational therapy for autism is one of solutions to bring back autism into reality and normal society. And before we have to know what are the symptoms of autism?

Occupational Therapy for Autism for kids and Related Matters

Several benefits come from this therapy which is very suitable to support autism. Before you know its benefits, it is better to obtain information regarding occupational therapy. This kind therapy involves many aspects and treatments. People with capability to provide this therapy require obtaining license and professional acknowledgement. Therapy will do the social, physical, mental, relationship, mentoring, and other activities. Children with autism are in complex condition, so single treatment is not enough. Actually, therapist will learn necessary things before planning to implement the treatment. The next section will explore several benefits of occupational therapy for autism.

Occupational Therapy for Autism with its Aspects

  1. Social skill improvement

One of great effects of this treatment is related to social skill. As you know, autism leads to lack of awareness for environmental and social. In case of autism, children have their own world and they are difficult to interact with others. Occupational therapists have task to bring social skill into those children. This is not easy task because autism is wide spectrum. Therapists will take a role more than health practitioner. They can be a teacher, friend, guide, or anything that children need. Parent can learn to work together in order to deliver utmost result. However, professional is the right choice to apply occupational therapy. When discussing about benefit, social skill improvement comes at the first thing to manifest as the result of this therapy.

  1. Motor skills

Another benefit of occupational therapy for autism is motor skill. As you know, autism tends to lack of motor skill for doing basic activity. Children cannot walk properly or they only do repetitive activity every day. Lack of motor skill in autism comes from various factors. Motor skill involves hand and feet, so the activities are very important to focus on such organs. After treatment, children are able to do simple to complex activity. Before applying their plan, therapists will consider the age.

  1. Awareness

What is awareness? It is a little big vague term then it requires great deal to transform into the real condition. When you see accident, you will feel urge to help. Sympathy and empathy are something that can be developed in single day. Moreover, medical procedure only treats patients from physical aspect. Awareness in autism tends to focus on aware for environment. Social skill in autism will go side by side with awareness development. In order to obtain the better result, therapist should formulate certain simulation that attracts awareness of autism.  After doing several sessions, children are able to recognize their surrounding then they can focus. They will react and have curiosity when something happens around them.

  1. Communication

Verbal and nonverbal communications are the main issue when dealing with autism. Certain parts inside the brain control communication. People talk each other via language whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Children with autism have trouble to speak and understand word by word. This is necessary to develop their communication skill in order to interact with others. As one of important benefits of occupational therapy for autism, communication plays the utmost role. Non-verbal communication also takes part in therapy. The simplest way to detect autism is nonverbal communication during early age. Children will start to understand the way parents interact with them. When they cannot give the proper response, this can be a sign of autism. Well, occupational therapy will handle it immediately.

  1. Relationship

The next section is relationship. Improving relationship personal and interpersonal is the main objective of occupational therapy for autism. Social skill gives motivation to interact, while awareness increases children to develop personal feeling. Those activities will be one result called relationship. In addition, children with autism have trouble to maintain relationship, especially with parents. In order to fulfill human social need, they need to force into certain simulation. Of course, therapist will implement it without they realize. As mentioned above, therapist acts as parent, teacher, friends, and guide.

  1. Cognitive development

One of misconceptions about autism is cognitive state. Some people believe children with autism have the better cognitive skill and higher IQ result than the normal kids. Unfortunately, cognitive skill is not about solving math. It includes the wide area that children with autism do not have all of them. Cognitive development is also part of occupational therapy that requires delicate treatment. Lack of mental capacity does not reduce capability to handle complex task. Sometimes, autism will have utmost focus on certain subject. In this case, therapist has a job to keep children into the right development.

  1. Reading and visual skill

Reading and visual skill will take important portions during occupational therapy for autism. The children may not have problem to solve complex task, but they will face difficulty to understand the instruction. Some of them are dyslexia which needs more treatments to improve reading skill. Reading will go side by side with visual skill. Some autism cases are related to the issue in eyesight and focus. They are normal and able to see without glasses. One single problem is lack of focus. Therapist should create certain condition to focus their attention into single part. On the other side, some children with autism have much focus, so they do not care to the other things. This is when they need to develop control for spreading eyesight. Regardless visual condition, occupational therapy takes the great involvement to develop reading and visual skill.

Autism appears due to many factors. Smoking and consuming cocaine or drug during pregnancy are the major factors that increase probability to have children with autism. Pregnant mother should aware to avoid unnecessary drugs and smoking at all. Furthermore, children with autism need the immediate treatment to help them entering the real environment. In fact, parents are not enough to help them and occupational therapy for autism is the right choice. You can consult to professional and expert to obtain the therapist. As you know, this thing is not trivial job, so make sure the therapist obtains legal license for applying their jobs. Therefore, children with autism require the right treatment for better result.