Meditation can be used to assist you in unifying the mind and body. Meditation is also used to make the body become more relaxed and your mind becomes calm. Many of the techniques that can be applied to meditation. One of them is spiritual meditation techniques for beginners. This technique can be used to achieve enlightenment and peace within yourself.

Practical Tips and Spiritual Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Before you start doing meditation recite mantras required. In addition, meditation intend not only for ourselves, but for all creatures. Meditation also aims to reduce the negative feelings, such as; anger, hatred, arrogance. Meditate to create tranquility and balance. In order to get the benefits of meditation is perfect, then you have to prepare for a variety of purposes for meditation. One is the cushion with a thickness of approximately 5cm. Use of this board aims to avoid direct contact between the body with the energy of the earth’s gravity.

You should also pay attention to the use of clothes worn during meditation. Instead, you use loose clothing, thin, and open. It aims to accelerate the cycle of energy and blood in your body. Next, choose a place that has the energy vibrations that can help you become more perfect meditation. However, the most important thing is to choose the best place to make you feel comfortable.

This meditation can be done at any time, according to the time which is convenient for you. However, a better time is between 03.00 to 06.00. Time mornings selected because the air is still clean and fresh. In addition, the natural energy Events freer than other energy vibration disturbance. However, this time in the morning can be altered to suit the conditions of each.

Meditation does not always work done by beginners. Therefore, you can follow the following tips so that meditation you can run smoothly. The first tip that you can apply is to read a variety of books clear instructions for meditation and spiritual practice that right. In addition, you can be accompanied by a teacher or coach who is competent in meditation. The next tips are; you should be able to set up a regular time to do this meditation. You should be able to set aside a special time to you. We recommend that you select in the morning or evening.

You must complete the pending work before beginning meditation. Do not fill your mind with thoughts that are not obvious when you do meditation. You should have a clear mindset. In addition, make sure you stretch the muscles and tendons in advance. It aims to make it easier to concentrate and feel comfortable. You should stabilize the mind strengthen your inner sense. You should be able to control your focus. When it comes to other thoughts during meditation, then you should be able to immediately refocus your mind. Focus on your breathing to allow you to concentrate. These tips can be applied to spiritual meditation techniques for beginners.

The next tips are, do meditation gradually so that you get the benefits of quality. For starters, you can do this meditation for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you can increase the duration of time according to your ability and desire gradually. In addition, you should use appropriate techniques your condition. To determine the proper technique, you can do this by trying to advance various meditation techniques that exist. Until finally you can find a meditation technique that suits you. For example, spiritual meditation techniques for beginners can be applied to obtain comfort.
Meditation is also composed of two kinds when seen from the conditions experienced, namely:

1. Form Meditation

This meditation is done by paying attention to an object until the mind becomes quiet. This object can be a sound, breath, or specific visualization. Let your brain waves are in alpha or theta wave had. Because of these conditions will make your mind more relaxed and can let go of stress.

2. Formless Meditation

State of consciousness, increasingly integrated with the object will make your inner tranquility. Naturally, this condition will bring you into the meditation without form. It is often also referred to as deep meditation. The split of Form Meditation and Formless Meditation of just a means to clarify it. Therefore, when you do meditation should not be affected by different types of meditation. Because meditation itself is not an achievement.

Spiritual meditation techniques for beginners is done in silence for guidance and inner peace. This technique can also be applied in a state of prayer. This technique can be performed in a sitting position with eyes closed in order to focus on finding the desired solution. This technique is commonly used to obtain answers to questions as diverse. In addition to spiritual meditation techniques there are various techniques that can be applied for starters, namely:

1. Breathing Techniques

Meditation techniques focus on breathing. The way to do is to concentrate on how to breathe and release the air. This technique is done in a cross-legged position with the hands are above the knee. This technique comes with the position of the thumb and middle finger touch each other. However, the position of the finger is not mandatory. This technique focuses on the entrance and exit of the rhythm of breathing air that occurs in the diaphragm.

2. The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Meditation techniques that use speech in the heart. This can be done in chanting mantras or prayer that is repeated continuously so that your mind becomes focused on the meaning of words or prayers you say.

3. Technical Focus

This meditation technique resembles with breathing techniques. You need to focus on a particular issue. You can use aromatherapy candles have to help your meditation. Additionally, you can also use voice-oriented nature or music to help you focus more deeply.

4. Meditation Walk

Walking meditation technique can be done in a place that can calm the mind. You can obtain inner peace despite being felt alone, so that there will be no feeling lonely feeling again. You can do this walking meditation technique in parks, forests, beaches, mountains, or a comfortable place for you.

Meditation helps you to feel calm and peaceful. When you feel calm, then you will be easier to see the situation more real. Meditation will keep silence, and knowledge, and developing an intuitive understanding. Meditation should occur naturally, so that spiritual meditation techniques for beginners can be realized. Make the process of meditation is not an achievement, but let meditation automatically.