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Pregnancy symptoms before missed period are important to detect pregnancy from its earliest date. People tend to think that these kinds of symptoms are not important because it can be sensed right away after someone missed their period anyways. However, it was a wrong movement because you need to prepare everything ever since the first stage to make sure that everything you do will not affect the fetus inside of your belly.

Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

Better preparation will make the result gets even better even though nothing reaches perfection. This article will reveals ten important pregnancy symptoms before missed period.

The Big Sign of Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

  1. Short of breath

Different from usual your breath becomes shorter, and you feel the need of an air more. To overcome the shortness of breath, you can do some light exercise. If you have no time to do so, you can just simply take some deep breaths to make your breath steady again. Start to get rid of your fit and tight clothes that clasp your body. Loose clothes are preferred, so you can breathe the air freely.

  1. Lack of appetite

Vomiting suddenly becomes usual for you, and there is a big craving for something you do not usually eat such as prickles and stuff. To treat this symptom, you could put some lavender essential oil near your nose to lessen the nauseous feeling. Eating shortbread biscuits can also be a good option to get your appetite back. It is usual for pregnant woman to craving something which they usually does not even like. The sign comes right from the very first stage.

  1. Mood swings also occur unexpectedly

Anger outburst becomes a daily routine, and you could not help but get mad at every little thing. Do not forget if you feel a sudden pang in your heart and feel like getting angry every time, there must be something wrong with yourself. This might be because your body undergoes a transformation and you could not help but changing.

  1. Drooling is the next thing you need to look out at

Drooling is one of the pregnancy symptoms before missed period that you are currently pregnant. You are not drinking much, but suddenly you are drooling. That might the sign of the pregnancy as well. On top of that, every time you sleep you will find saliva everywhere, which is not your habit to drool that much. It is a sign that you are not the one you used to.

  1. The last one is the excessive thirst that always comes no matter how much you have drink

This one will get you to come to the bathroom several times because it is also increasing the urge to pee. Your threat keeps on feeling thirsty and you could not help but drinking repeatedly which cause you to visit the bathroom is the sign of pregnancy.

  1. Lingering Metallic Taste

The first sign that is one of the big sign of pregnancy symptoms before missed period is a metallic taste in the mouth. This includes in the hormonal levels where you strangely could feel a metal inside of your mouth. Be very careful and get yourself checked on the doctor right away. It is not just a feeling of something sour or bitter inside of the mouth, but it is like the feeling of a metal inside of your mouth. Detect it right away, and you will know what you need to do.

  1. Heartburn is felt directly every time you take a breath.

It includes morning sickness in which you do not feel like swallowing because it becomes a hard thing to do all of sudden. This sickening feeling is usually last for more than three days. It includes the feeling of your heart beating faster than usual. This might hurt so much, so it is better to go to the doctor instead of just letting it burn inside.

  1. Headaches and backaches hit you hard in the morning.

Low blood sugar levels are the cause of this symptom. You might also crave some sweets because of that. The best thing that you can do is to fix your sleeping position. Put some cushion behind your back when you are sleeping or just doing everything fit your most comfortable position to avoid the pain. Do not easily to just consume any medicine because it can affect your harm your body instead.

  1. After that, you might also have constipation.

Because of the hormonal changes, your digestive system would also be affected by that. Your digestive system will take a longer time than usual in digesting your food, and it is resulted in constipation. Drink more water will not help much, but it will help relieve your throat area. On the other hand, it will keep you on visiting the bathroom.

  1. Then, dizziness will also strike you because of the low blood pressure.

Do not worry because the dizziness usually does not come with a pain. However, the lightheadedness might make your head spinning for some time, so take some time and close your eyes for a while to neutralize the dizziness. If you are dizzy but followed with a pain, it is the best to visit the doctor because it is not include in one of the usual symptom.

  1. If you feel like your whole body is bloating and feeling of tightness, it is also a sign of pregnancy.

It is the best to unbutton your shirt and pants to let your body breath freely, or just simply wears loose cloth to be comfortable in every activity you need to do the whole time. It is usual for your body to bloat because you are carrying two bodies at one.

Those are the signs of pregnancy other than missed period. Be careful, and pay more attention to yourself to make sure that you know about the pregnancy from the very first time. It is a good attempt to keep yourself and the baby healthy. Be healthy and do not ignore the pregnancy symptoms before missed period.

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