Heart is the vital organ in human. You need to know how to recognize the cause dangerous of heart disease for better treatment. There are several causes involved in this kind of illness. Before exploring more about them, it is better to gain information regarding heart disease.

Recognize the Cause Dangerous of Heart Disease for Preventive and Curative Treatment

For your information, heart disease is different from heart attack. In general term, this disease involves heart, blood stream, blood vessel, brain, and any related organs. When people get heart attack, it is just sign that manifests in blood vessel and heart organ. Medical terminology for heart disease is cardiovascular illness. You may know about cardio exercises which improve heart health and blood circulation. Cardiovascular system consists of many parts and it is not independent system. Cardiovascular is involved in respiratory, digestive, and nerve. In the next section, you will know more about problem or disease in this system alongside the signs and symptoms.

Find and Recognize the Cause Dangerous of Heart Disease

  1. Fatty compound

Blood vessels near to heart and lung are very tight. Blood with high fat compound will find difficulty to pass this vessel. Moreover, fat will reside in vessel then prevent blood. The main cause of heart disease is solid plaque which comes from excess fat. For your information, these fats are from external and internal source.

Good friend of fats is cholesterol which goes side by side to create heart problem. Cholesterol is another form of fat but more complex. Basically, fats contain many forms based on chemical bonds and atomic structure. Fat in this matter is usually called as bad or dangerous fat that comes from junk food or any oily food. You need to reduce fat consumption and replace it with protein and mineral. When fats accumulate in brain, the next problem is stroke.

  1. Sugar and diabetes

Sugar and diabetes are related each other. To recognize the cause dangerous of heart disease, you need to see sugar level in blood stream. Sugar is primary source of energy to do many activities and metabolism. The easiest way to gain sugar is by consuming carbohydrate. Breath, wheat, potato, corn, and rice are the examples of high carbohydrate food which everyone eats.

Why does sugar do in cardiovascular system? Blood involves in high pressure and this matter will be discussed in next section. High sugar in blood stream requires insulin from pancreas. For your information, this hormone transforms blood into specific compound to save in the skin, liver, and heart. The problem appears when insulin is not enough to change blood content. Actually, you may use blood through physical activity such as sport, exercise, or extreme muscle contraction. Sugar is changed into glucose then it turns again into calories. You do not have heart problem when the sugar intake is equal to calorie burnt.

What is diabetes? Lack of insulin is the main cause of diabetes. Glucose cannot be transformed into lipid to store under the skin. Glucose also creates plaque inside blood vessel which comes from calcium and fat. You can imagine what happen when the plaque is bigger, and then block blood to pass the vessel. It leads to stroke. Diabetes consists of two types. Firstly, pancreas is deactivated which insulin is completely gone. In this condition, blood cannot get insulin that makes it more suffer. Another type is insufficient insulin. Pancreas still creates insulin but not enough to transform glucose.

Several treatments are available to deal with high sugar intake and diabetes. Preventive method is food control. Junk foods and carbonate beverages are the source of sugar. In addition, alcohol is also bad for blood.

  1. High blood pressure

One of causes of heart disease is hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension has several causes. From this connection, you might be a little bit confused. As we know, high blood pressure is not real disease, but it’s just a medical condition. Systolic is maximum pressure which blood enters vessel and diastolic is the minimum pressure. Maximum systolic is 100-140 and diastolic is around 80. Hypertension is condition which the pressure is more than normal state.

Hypertension can be detected through some signs and symptoms. There are headaches, anxiety, fainting, and altered vision. The signs are various depend on body condition. Headache in back of the head is common problem. Another sign is muscle tension, particularly in joint or tight muscle. Probability of high blood pressure rises after age 18 and it gets more severe in aging condition. Diet sodium or salt is one effective way to control blood level. The other diets are by consuming more vegetables, fruits, less fat or sugar, and no smoking.

  1. Smoking

Everyone in this earth knows that smoking is bad and dangerous lifestyle at all. Poison and malicious compounds are stayed inside cigarette. Smoking is primary reason why people get heart disease easily. For your information, smoking compound will go inside the blood then spread around vessel until reaching the cell level. Poisons inside bloodstream change the blood pressure which increases the risk for heart attack.

  1. Stress and special condition

Healthy body comes from balance between mind and physical. You may not have issue for physical, but your mind determines the metabolism system. Research showed that brain took much energy and calorie as equal to physical activity. You may experience hungry after doing test or examination, but lack of physical movement. It is real example of brain calorie intake.

What is relation between stress and heart disease? Unstable mind condition creates imbalance metabolism which affects blood vessel and cardiovascular system. In short time, you will feel uneasiness. For long period, this system is in grave danger.

The example of special condition is heredity. If your father has heart disease, his son or daughter gets the high probability to have similar issue. Heredity may not dangerous, but you should control it through healthy lifestyle. Besides close family, you may concern for distant relative. However, heredity may not the main cause when you are in bad lifestyle.

The sign and symptom for heart disease are various. Doctors, researchers and scientists try to come up with definite meaning of heart disease. It is still in vague term, but cardiovascular issue or problem is good terminology to represent this condition. Five factors are the basic ways to recognize the cause dangerous of heart disease. Each of them might be overlapped or interchangeable, but still crucial to get the utmost attention. Therefore, healthy diet and lifestyle is the solution to prevent severe condition.