The case of upper abdominal pain and bloating after eating has actually been found to happen to many people, one of them is probably you. This kind of disease is actually easy to detect as the symptom appears after you have meal every day. However, many people have not taken this disease seriously as they thought it was only natural case of bloating after eating. In fact, this type of disease is actually pretty serious and needs to be taken seriously as sign of disease.

Upper Abdominal Pain and Bloating after Eating

Upper abdominal pain and bloating after eating is actually referred to common stomachache. This is medical condition in which the stomach of those who have one is filled with air or gas as the result of digestion process.  It usually happens in the upper part of your stomach which is called abdomen. While in most cases, this medical condition does not cause any pain, several cases have shown that such condition includes pain which occurs between the pelvis and the chest. Besides pain, this medical condition does also cause abdominal bloating in the part of your abdomen.

This kind of medical condition has several conditions which indicate the condition happening. Here are several indications of this medical condition:

Upper Abdominal Pain and Bloating After Eating

1. You feel cram on your upper stomach

When you feel crammed around your upper stomach, do not ignore such cram as it could be something worse you never thought before. One indication that you might have serious medical indication is that your stomach feels being shrunk and grasped by the metal hand. If the pain persists, you really need to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Several indications of such case have shown that those who feel crammed on their upper stomach actually are diagnosed with serious disease, such as inflammation on your upper stomach.

2. Your stomach feels achy

This case is actually similar to the case above when you feel sudden cram on your upper stomach. You feel such sudden ache on your upper stomach when you did nothing which had to do with the stomachache. Just like the case above, your stomach feels achy and little crammed but in lesser condition compared to cram you feel crammed on your upper stomach. If you feel that the ache persists, do not let on as it can lead to something harmful for your stomach. Have yourself a doctor’s visit and have a consultation regarding the ache you feel.

3. You cannot stop throwing up

If you have all of the indications mentioned above, you will probably end up vomiting all over the place. For some people, several indications mentioned before added with vomit is not something harmful for their health. But, actually it is. You will that you cannot even hold your vomit from going out of your mouth and have nothing which is able to hold your vomit; it is actually the sign of you having much more serious disease than usual and common stomachache. Go to see nearby doctor to have a checkup on your condition.

If you find yourself feeling something burning in the upper throat and in worse case, you found blood in your vomit; it is really time for you to see the doctor immediately. The sensation of feeling burnt in your throat and chest is actually called heartburn. In actual, this heartburn does occur in the esophagus which is the tube or pipe line for food to get inside of your digestion system. In the case of this medical condition, the esophagus does not close causing the acid in your stomach rises and get up to the esophagus. This esophagus does actually cause the burning sensation.

Those are several indications of you having serious medical indication which can be healed with doctor’s assistance. If you have been diagnosed with one, you can try these methods of treatment.

  • Medical Treatment

If you are diagnosed with this upper abdominal pain and bloating after eating, your doctor will prescribe you with antibiotics and other medication which can stimulate contractions in your stomach so that the food getting into your digestion system will flow in a rapid way. That way, your system can hold the food getting in to get back out of your mouth as vomit. These antibiotics and medications will also help kill the bacteria in your stomach which cause the stomach pain you feel.

Besides, doctor will also prescribe you with proton therapy whose function is actually similar to those of antibiotics and medications. Through this medication, the doctor will pump proton into your stomach and heal the symptoms you previously had before and relieve your stomach from releasing acid anymore. This proton will also help to fasten the process of digestion in your stomach so that the food which already has been in your stomach will not be vomited out.

  • Lifestyle medication

First and foremost medication which will also help heal the upper abdominal pain and bloating after eating is some changes in your lifestyle. One thing in your lifestyle which contributes to the pain and bloating in your upper stomach is your way of eating. If you are big fan of spicy and sour food, you are in so much trouble as those types of food are actually main contributor to the pain and bloating you feel on your stomach. This spicy food will make your stomach feel crammed and the sour food will provoke the acid in your stomach to increase and be vomited out of your mouth. In addition, you need to let go of caffeine, garlic, and onion as well.

  • Doctor’s visit

This actually has been stated implicitly before. If you feel that the symptoms keep showing themselves, you need to go to nearby clinic and make an appointment with your doctor to have a consultation and go with anything they prescribe you with.

That is all for anything which has to do with upper abdominal pain and bloating after eating you need to know of. Another piece of information for you; do have an appointment with doctor to have a checkup if you have the symptoms. Do not wait until it is too late.