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Men nowadays need have a good body to attract the female partner. One of the ways to attract the female partner reduces the weight of the body itself. How can you decrease the numbers of fat and calories in your body, so you have a good body yet healthy life? Most people will answer by working out with lots of efforts. What about when you do not have time to work out since you always work somewhere else? The most prolific answer is by eating low fat and calories meal.

Weight Loss Meals Plan For Men

3 days recipes weight loss meals plan for men. This recipe is very useful for men who want to decrease the intake of the calories for them without reducing the amount of food intake.

3 Days Recipes Weight Loss Meals Plan For Men

Day I Men

1. Breakfast

  • White Omelet

The first favorite of weight loss meals plan for men is the menu of white omelet. If you have no idea of what the main ingredients of white omelet, then read more below. The White omelet is a dish for your breakfast if you want to reduce your weight, which consists of 1 cup of mixed grilled vegetables. You can use several vegetables that is very effective for this dish

  • Assorted Berry

Another breakfast recipes for weight loss meals plan for men is assorted berry. You can add assorted berry with your breakfast in the morning for the day 1 weight loss plan. You can use any kinds of berries, such as strawberry, raspberry, or even the recommended one, the blueberries.

2. Lunch

  • Sandwich

A good old sandwich might turn off your appetite and have fewer calories for you. If you want to have low calories but still have and could turn down your appetite, you might want to eat Turkey sandwich. It is recommended for you since Turkey has low fat and calories.

3. Dinner

  • Fresh Steamed Vegetables

A fresh steamed vegetable is one of the classic dinner. Vegetables who own lots of nutrition are perfect dinner menu for men who tried to lose their weight, and steamed is one of the ways to enrich the flavor of the vegetables.


1. Breakfast

  • Fresh Fruit with Oatmeal

It might sound weird for you, hearing that a plate of fresh fruit is mixed with the cereal of oatmeal. However, a plate of fresh fruit eaten with the oatmeal is a perfect mix. How come it becomes one of the best weight loss meals plan for men? As a matter of fact, when you eat fresh fruit with oatmeal, it will make you lose more appetite and you take fewer calories than usual breakfast but better nutrition.

2. Lunch

  • White Bean Soup with Italian Style

This kind of lunch is very interesting for you to be tried and applied as the weight loss meals plan for men. Soup might be always associated with dietary and few calories meals, but white bean soup might choke you up very well. White bean soup with Italian style is made from plain cannellini beans, chopped garlic, chicken broth, fresh or frozen spinach, red pepper, black pepper and red bell pepper. Pretty many ingredients for one meal, but when you see it, you know that all of the ingredients are filled with lots of nutrition.

3. Dinner

  • Salad

A pretty and elegant yet simple dinner is a classic old salad. For you who do not familiar with diet processes or diet food, salad is might be one of the most unappetizing dinners, since the better dinner is the fullest one. If dinner does not fill you up, then it cannot be called a dinner. However, salad is actually can fill you up if your salad is made with the right ingredients. A fresh or frozen berries mixed with yogurt might fill you up with great numbers of nutrition.

Day III Menu

1. Breakfast

  • Super Oatmeal with Hot Tea or Coffee

To have eaten oatmeal without drinking any side drinks such as tea or coffee is really bland. If you combine super oatmeal, Sweet supreme oatmeal made by Chef Anthony, with the hot tea or coffee, then you now have the oatmeal that has the ability to lose some weight but still, gives you the energy to make your day. However, you have to make sure that the tea or coffee does not consist of fat milk or sugar (nondairy sugar is okay)

2. Lunch

  • Beans Mixed with Scallions and Lemons

This is the most delicious lunch of weight loss meals plan for men. Beans that perfect for this recipe is the biggest and meaty beans, combine with butter, scallions, and lemons. The sweet taste of butter and sour taste of lemons and rich taste of scallions perfected this recipe to be one of the best recipes that ever made to make those who eat it filled with a few of calories but energizing.

3. Dinner

  • Calm wave salmon

Another perfect dinner is the calm wave salmon. The name of calm wave salmon is derived from the taste of the salmon, which is very calmly and light of calories and fat. Just sear and skin up the salmon and cook it until the salmon it brown. Then, season it with grated orange peel, orange juices, and white wine. Serve the calm wave salmon as the prolific dinner of the day.

If you really want to decrease the amount of weight by reducing the fat and calories, the 3 days recipes weight loss meals for men is very effective when applied real life and recommended for you to be tried directly and as soon as possible to know the effect. Furthermore, if you have other recipes for weight loss meals for men, then do not be afraid to share your recipes so it can be tried by others.

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