Pregnancy loss or miscarriage is natural death of fetus during pregnancy in less than twenty weeks. In reality, fetus or baby will have chance to survive outside uterus after seven months pregnancy, so less than that period is small probability. Knowing what causes miscarriage fetus and how to prevent is important for further treatment and preventive measures. Pregnancy loss is unintentional event, so any deliberation action is called abortion. The latter is illegal procedure without sufficient reason.

What Causes Miscarriage Fetus and How to Prevent

Knowing More about What Causes Miscarriage Fetus and How to Prevent

  1. Risk factors

Two matters relate to miscarriage are the risk factors and causes. Risk factors increase the probability to get miscarriage. There are several factors and the most common one is age. Women with age more than 35 year olds have high risk to get miscarriage. As a matter of fact, the risk increases after your age turns into thirty. However, women are still in good condition due to other factors to carry baby, even the age is more than thirty-five. Age should be considered at first place before deciding to have a baby.

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Unhealthy lifestyle leads into miscarriage for pregnant women. Smoking is definitely prohibited during pregnancy because of unhealthy effect for fetus. If women give childbirth, smoking ruins baby nerves and organs that transform into disability or deformity child. Besides smoking, caffeine and alcohol are bad for pregnant women due to sensitive and high reactive compounds. Medication and drugs are also part of risk factors of pregnancy loss. Doctor will ask about pregnancy and miscarriage experience before giving the prescription.

Women with past miscarriage tend to get second one in high probability. From previous event, they learn about this matter and try to take care more. Another factor is mental or mind condition. Stress affects pregnancy due to hormonal and metabolism alterations. High degree of stress condition makes high risk to have miscarriage. Emotional stability involves the way fetus grow in uterus. Risk factor is important when deciding to know what causes miscarriage fetus and how to prevent.

  1. Causes

Risk factor is underlying side, which increases probability, but causes of miscarriage are the most direct aspect at all. Pregnancy is divided into three periods, which are first, second, and third trimester. Miscarriage happens during first and second trimester that needs to put much concern. However, both of them have different causes so pregnant women have to notice.

Understanding what causes miscarriage fetus and how to prevent starts from first trimester. In this period, fetus grows extensively from zygote in uterus. Majority of miscarriage occurs during this period and chromosomal abnormalities are the most common causes at all. Fetus receives genetic and DNA from both parent. After zygote attaches on uterus, growth rate extends excessively. Chromosome is part of DNA that defines many aspects such organ structure, phenotype appearance, and anything. Sometime, chromosome cannot cleave normally

Progesterone deficiency is another miscarriage factor. During pregnancy, progesterone is important to help embryo stays at uterus. This hormone is very high at first trimester. Pregnancy test takes this hormone as one of factor to determine whether pregnancy happens or not. Lack of this hormone will dissolve embryo before ready to grow. Hormone is influenced by some risk factors, including genetic and age.

Unusual way happens during reproduction process. Embryo attaches not in proper way, which is called ectopic pregnancy. Most of women experienced miscarriage due to this condition. Another cause is uterine malformation. First trimester is high risk, but women cannot lack of concern in second trimester. Uterine malformation happens due to disability of uterus to fit fetus. After reach early phase of second trimester, uterus cannot hold fetus growth which make miscarriage. As usual, this condition comes from various factors such as age, drugs, genetic, and smoking.

What is importance to know causes of miscarriage? In medical field, pregnancy loss consists of several types, such as complete or half. Knowing cause will increase chance to get better treatment.

  1. Preventive measures

In health field, two methods are available to deal with disease. There are curative and preventive methods. Curative is direct treatment after problem appears and requires t know causes. On contrary, preventive is method to keep illness out of range so can get body. This is method takes risk factors as basis. The purpose of knowing what causes miscarriage fetus and how to prevent is to keep this event in check whether curative or preventive.

Pregnant women should get intensive prenatal care to get better preventive measure. Visit doctor regularly to monitor fetus growth. If they have baby with age more than 30 year old, doctor should involve in every decision. Starting point is to back into healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking is basic way to prevent miscarriage. Other things are alcohol, sugar, and caffeine. Diabetes women tend to give this condition into baby. However, valid date is still required to put high sugar as factor of miscarriage.

Healthy life should follow with good diet. Consume rich nutrients to increase metabolism and immunity. Bacteria is rarely to infect fetus, unless already inside body.  One important thing is to avoid harsh and extreme exercise. Fetus in first trimester is very fragile and weak. Put on hold any exercise during pregnancy without doctor consent. When come to consume drugs or medication, it is better to ask prescription from your own doctor. Do not take anything without knowing side effect for pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, mental and emotional increase risk of miscarriage. Pregnancy women need to get comfortable feeling and relaxing mind. Take vacation and get rid any unnecessary mind from office or work. It is better to stay close with family and husband in order to feel comfortable. Yoga is also better to prevent miscarriage and try meditation. If you want to relieve stress condition, take good sleep at night.

Every action has reaction. These words are base in many sciences, including medical. Instead of curative, preventive measure is better. Some risk factors are inevitable such as age, genetic, and hormone. However, you can keep under control. Causes of miscarriage are also various, but only major parts are explained in this article. What causes miscarriage fetus and how to prevent? You already know the answer.